Marmalade is a sweet conserve with a bit of a bitter taste to it. Made from citrus, sugar and water. Oranges are the most common fruit used in making marmalade. Chopped fruit or the fruit peel is simmered in water and the fruit juice until it becomes soft. Many people think that marmalade is jam without the peel in it. Often used in toast or English muffins. Marmalade today is made from many different types of fruits such as: lemon, grapefruit and orange. Marmalade first appeared in English as we know it in 1480. The term was borrowed from France possibly originated with the Portuguese coming from the word marmaleda. Marmelo or quince came from quinces which preserves where made from. The Greeks discovered that when quinces were cooked real slowly, the honey in it would set when cooled. At this time they had no idea about pectin. Marmalade in the English term refers to the use of citrus fruits. Which was made around the 17th century when fruit was plentiful.


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Available year round in grocery stores. Many people make their own home made marmalade.

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