Pronounced: kah-lah-BAH-sah

A pumpkin-like squash, round in shape and ranging in size from small (cantaloupe) to large (watermelon). Grown in the Caribbean, Central and South America. Its flesh is a bright orange, and its skin ranges in color from green to beige to orange. The firm, succulent flesh has a sweet flavor like the butternut squash. The seeds are edible and can be toasted.


available year-round

How to select

Sold in chunks in Latin markets. Select fresh pieces with moist, tightly grained flesh . Avoid wet or soft spots. Whole calabase should be heavy for its size and unblemished with the stem still attached.

How to store

Store whole squash in a cool, dark place up to six weeks. Refrigerate wrapped chunks up to one week.


butternut squash

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