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This recipe is a lot of work if you are not "the more ingredients/steps the better" kind of cook. Even if you are not, you'll find it worth it; especially if you are cooking for a large group. In the end, the chicken will taste better than any chicken has a right to--your guests will be speechless. I recommend doing a several whole chickens cut in half, or 1/4 chickens (big thigh/drumstick pieces), and/or whole breasts. The idea is big pieces are best, and all about the same size/thickness. Prep time does not include time spent in the brine, prepping the smoker, the grill, etc. I got the brine recipe off the internet. It's called Don's Poultry Brine and is the best I've ever come across. I use it for brining turkeys as well. You may well ask "why brine at all?" Poultry will get very dry during the smoking process. Brining the poultry will result in tasty, moist meat.

Recipe #153479

I always cook up two birds for Thanksgiving. One cooked in the oven (see my aluminum football recipe) and one either smoked or fried. This is my smoked recipe. It's not easy, but smoking turkeys is not for the faint of heart. Prep time does not include time spent in the brine. Unless you want turkey jerky, please don't attempt this recipe without brining the bird first--it will be very, very dry.

Recipe #153486

This sausage is great fried or grilled up by its self, or when added to your favorite gumbo recipe.

Recipe #155419

Being from Texas, I'm not usually too fond of rib recipes that involve cooking them in the oven, but I love this recipe. It's an Emeril Lagasse recipe--enough said.

Recipe #155805

I have adopted this recipe from Mean Chef. This is one of my favorite recipes. The pork is sweet, succulent and falling apart tender. Fabulous served alone, on rolls, in tortillas.

Recipe #26257

My favorite sticky, ooey, falling apart spareribs, also included is a recipe for my famous homemade sauce!

Recipe #83678

2 Reviews |  By Whipper

Just loaded with wonderful flavor, even without using the dipping sauce, that really compliments the pork. These ribs are a real departure from the usual approach! In fact, this is our preferred way to have ribs most of the time now. I've adapted this recipe from the "License to Grill" show to the '3-2-1 method' of cooking ribs that I always use now. You can easily re-adapt this to your way of cooking ribs if you want, but the 3-2-1 method does yield great results every time. Don't let the list of ingredients and instructions intimidate you, it's really not that difficult or labor intensive to make. If you happen to have a pineapple on hand, you could add some rind from it along with the wood chips for an extra complimentary layer of flavor in the smoke.

Recipe #154558

Source: Ina Garten

Recipe #67290

Reign as King of the Grill in your neighbourhood! Recipe comes from Rob Rainford.

Recipe #92676

3 Reviews |  By ChrisMc

I know, that's a really long ingredient list. Pretty simple to make, though. The sauce is very flavorful without being very hot; I use it as a marinade or a stir-fry sauce most often.

Recipe #30556

This recipe is from Rob Rainford's "Licence to Grill" (Food Network Canada). Great with just about any red meat, poultry or seafood! I just looove baby potatoes!

Recipe #126899

6 Reviews |  By chia

from cooks illustrated, these are great for any type of grilled steaks. choose your rub and get grilling

Recipe #93881

Walleye is just about the best whitefish I know, and this marinade is fantastic! Allow about 3 hours for marinating, and either grill or broil the walleye, or sometimes I like to coat it in a light mixture of dried unseasoned breadcrumbs with a little cornmeal and pan-fry.

Recipe #102422

I found this out on the web last year and have made it a couple of times. We love it on chicken or shrimp kabobs grilled outside. It's wonderful.

Recipe #17073

When you know you're going to have a hectic week, you're tired of BBQ sauces and Shake 'n Bake, but you want something a "little more" without having to forage for bizarre ingredients, this is the marinade to turn to. Let chops marinate overnight then quickly broil or grill and presto: yummy dinner without a lot of fuss. A "quickie" will work; pop 'em in the marinade in the morning and serve by dinnertime.

Recipe #100554

I'm passing this on from a girlfriend of mine. I made it and all I can say is "Wow"! I actually marinaded the tenderloins for 72 hours because I forgot I had it in the refrigerator and it was wonderful.

Recipe #61069

A slightly sweet, mustard-based barbecue sauce popular in South Carolina for use when grilling or roasting chicken and pork. Recipe is for a mild version - with an optional Hot version. If you like really browned chicken, start basting early; otherwise, baste frequently after the first 30 minutes of grilling. For crockpot BBQ, add 1 cup of sauce the crockpot with boston butt, and cook until very tender. Chop pork, place in buns, and serve with extra sauce.(serving=1/4 cup)

Recipe #70983

Dreamland of THE best rib joints in the state of Alabama. They make ribs so delicious, it'll make you wanna cry! It's worth every minute of the two hour drive from my house just to eat their ribs, not to mention the plate of Sunbeam bread and bowl of barbecue sauce (for dipping the bread in, of course!) that's brought to the table when you first arrive. I found a copycat recipe (which was an excellent recipe, by the way)for their famous sauce on another website, but I thought it needed just a bit of tweaking. I think Dreamland's sauce has more of a vinegar taste to it and it is definitely hotter than the copycat recipe. This is my version of the copycat recipe that I've tweaked a bit to taste more (in my humble opinion) like Dreamland's original sauce. This recipe makes a very thin bbq sauce.

Recipe #111661

This sweet sauce is exceptional on grilled chicken or pork, with its bourbon-brown sugar-pineapple-garlicky flavors. It can also be used on oven-baked foods, basting frequently. I prefer to use smooth Knob Creek bourbon whiskey, but you can use Jack Daniels or whatever you like. Prep time includes roasting the garlic for this recipe. Yield is approximate.

Recipe #80237

This is my take on the renowned turkey brine of Bambara Restaurant in Salt Lake City, UT. I reduced and reduced the brine ingredients and adjusted the spice rub to accommodate a couple of big center cut pork chops, and it was DIVINE! Grill, broil or pan-fry the chops as you wish. Prep time includes brining overnight.

Recipe #112557

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