Yummy Doggie Scones

Yummy Doggie Scones created by teresas

I don't remember where this recipe came from but your dog is going to love it.

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  • Chopped Liver:

  • Boil liver until it look gray and rubbery.
  • (You can microwave it on high for approximately 8 minutes.).
  • Chop into small pieces.
  • Store in airtight containers in fridge.
  • Scones:

  • Sift flour into bowl and cut in butter.
  • Add chopped liver.
  • Stir in milk and enough water to make a sticky dough.
  • Turn dough onto floured surface.
  • Knead quickly and lightly until dough is smooth.
  • Press dough out evenly to about 2 cm (3/4 inch) and cut into rounds.
  • Place on greased cookie sheet and bake at 400 F for 15 minutes.
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"I don't remember where this recipe came from but your dog is going to love it."

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  1. Kittencalrecipezazz
    it didn't say what to do with the chicken stock so I boiled the liver in the stock, I also added in some garlic powder to the stock, I made these for my 7 month old British Bulldog and he loved them, thank you for this great doggie treat Dorit!
  2. teresas
    Yummy Doggie Scones Created by teresas
  3. teresas
    My doggies loved these, but I had some problems with the recipe. That's why the four stars. I wasn't sure what to do with the chicken stock. So I used it to boil the liver. While chopping the parsley I wasn't sure when to add it so did it during step #8 with the chopped liver. While adding the milk I noticed that I had to add about 1/2 cup water. Was this where the stock was to go? All came out well. The dogs really enjoyed them. Made a nice Christmas treat. They really are like scones. Soft to the touch, I would have let DH try one, but... with the bone shape I don't think I could have pulled it off. LOL Thanks for posting. :)
  4. Crafty Lady 13
    Maxx and Suki said that these should be rated 100 stars. They both absolutely LOVED these special little treats. I used chicken livers and chicken stock. I mixed the milk and chicken stock together and then added it to the flour mixture. I added some more chicken stock until I got the dough to the right consistency. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter and baked them for about 20 minutes. I doubled the recipe and ended up with about 6 1/2 dozen yummy little treats for my two special babies. Maxx, Suki and I thank you very much for sharing such a delightful recipe. Made for May, 2008 Bevy Tag.
  5. Crafty Lady 13
    Yummy Doggie Scones Created by Crafty Lady 13

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