Yorkshire Pudding Popovers

READY IN: 15mins




  • Preheat the oven to hot (425F/220C/Gas 7)
  • Put a teaspoonful of oil or dripping in each of several muffin tins or, to be truly Yorkshire, a couple of tablespoonsful in a larger roasting tin and place in the oven until the fat is really hot and beginning to smoke. Meanwhile combine the rest of the ingredients and beat to form a batter of the consistency of double cream.
  • If you wish you can add mixed dried herbs to add a savoury flavour.
  • When the fat is smoking take the tin out of the oven and place it over a low light so that it doesn't cool as you add the batter.
  • Pour in the batter If you're using muffin tins don't over fill.
  • Remember that the puddings will rise and puff up.
  • Put the tin back into the top of the oven as soon as possible and leave for about 20-25 minutes by which time they will be puffed up and crisp.
  • When my grandmother used to make Yorkshire pudding to go with the Sunday roast we would eat it in the true Yorkshire way.
  • That is, as a first course with just a savoury gravy poured over it. After all, the idea of Yorkshire pudding is to fill you up so that you don't want so much of the more expensive meat! If there was any of the pudding left over as a treat we kids would have it as a desert with Golden Syrup poured over it. Servings: 4 Ian Rice (Yorkshireman)