Ww Homemade Turkey Sausage

Ww   Homemade Turkey Sausage created by justcallmetoni

Use in sauce or form it into patties.

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  • In a bowl, combine all. Mix with fingertips until well incorporated.
  • Break it up into pieces and fry for use in red sauce.
  • Or form into 4-6 patties by adding a beaten egg and 1/4 c oatmeal (for WW CORE) or breadcrumbs.
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"Use in sauce or form it into patties."

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  1. ymilliman_593019
    These are fabulous, and my children love them! 2tsp of salt is WAY too much, however. I cut it down to 1tsp the second time I made them. Ground chicken works well too!
  2. Erindipity
    This recipe was made for the March 2008 Freezer Tag Challenge. We really enjoyed this dish. My daughter does not object to turkey sausage but finds many of the brands for purchase too spicy. It was nice to be able to adjust the seasoning to our tastes. I made the sausage as directed omitting the red pepper flakes. When I make next time I may add a little sage, as I like sage sausage. I then added the 1/4 cup of oatmeal and egg to form patties. I made the patties 1 oz each, but would recommend you increase that to 2 oz as they were rather small and cooked too quickly. I froze some raw and some precooked. I preferred cooking the raw sausage as opposed to the precooked as I thought it dried out too much. To cook I placed the frozen patties onto a hot George Foreman Grill. I then turned off the heat. By the time my scrambled eggs were done the sausage was ready. The author did not include WW points, it comes to 1 pt per oz. If using for cooking: To freeze: Freeze after step one or brown meat and continue as with remainder of recipe until ready to freeze. To use: thaw and continue as desired. If using for sausage patties: To freeze: Form meat into patties. Layer between wax paper. Freeze in a zip top bag. To use: Cook meat frozen or thawed as you normally would.
  3. justcallmetoni
    Ww   Homemade Turkey Sausage Created by justcallmetoni
  4. justcallmetoni
    Whether or not you are doing the WW Core program, this is a keeper. I made mine using <a href="/69629">" Belles " Poultry/Stuffing Seasoning</a> with an extra dose of sage. Also, I used half the stated amount of salt. Forgot to add the oil so I used the stated amount in cooking the sausage for a breakfast for dinner meal. The spices were nicely balanced, a subtle heat but mild enough for those with tender toungues. The leftovers were even better, so if you can make this ahead of time and allow the seasoning to better permeate the dish. Paired mine with my favorite Core scramble of eggs with zucchini, red pepper and onions. This was made for Pick A Chef Fall 2006.
  5. justcallmetoni
    Ww   Homemade Turkey Sausage Created by justcallmetoni

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