Ww Easy and Yummy Chicken Fillet

Recipe by Tatianaplaster
READY IN: 30mins




  • On a big frying pan spray some cooking spray and bring it to heat. When the pan is hot, bring it to a medium low heat and put the chicken fillets. DON'T TOUCH THEM until you see that it is starting to cook around the edges (it will start to turn white all around but it will still be pink on the top). Then turn them and bring the heat to low.
  • Put the grated zucchini over each fillet and them sprinkle just a little bit of Pecorino Romano. Let it be there until the chicken is cooked and you see that the zucchini turned into a clear almost translucent color and the cheese is melted (You will get the impression that every thing in there is cheese).
  • My kids didn't notice there was zucchini on it and asked for more. It is delicious, very juicy and the leftovers I like to slice and let it sit in the fridge to use the next day on a salad or another recipe.
  • If you want you can add some chopped tomatoes before adding the zucchini and cheese and it will be more like parmesiana.
  • Hope you like it like me and my family did. And I apologize for my poor English -- I am from Brazil and speak Portuguese. :-).