Wisconsin Bratwurst

Wisconsin Bratwurst created by Brenda.

This recipe was adapted from another cooking websites newsletter. 6-12 ounce bottles or cans of beer can be used.

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  • In a large stock pot add onions, butter, beer, and pepper. Prick bratwurst with a fork to keep them from exploding while they cook. Simmer over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Preheat grill for medium-high heat and lightly oil grates. When grill is hot, add bratwurst and grill for 10-14 minutes turning often for even browning.
  • Place in hoagie rolls, add additional onion and serve immediately.
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"This recipe was adapted from another cooking websites newsletter. 6-12 ounce bottles or cans of beer can be used."

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  1. Krista Roes
    This was so good. Served it up with a little German hot mustard, and the onion and it was a great hit!
  2. Lil Mrs. Miller
    This was fantastic. My husband NEVER eats onions in anything. I talked him into trying the onions I cooked with the bratwurst last night, and surprisingly, he said they were 'ok.' Next thing I know, he had piled them up on his sandwich. He even packed the leftovers with his lunch the next day. Too bad I only halved the recipe (thinking he would pass on the onions), I would have loved to have some myself, lol. Great recipe for Bratwurst too! I used Michelob Ultra Amber because that is what we had. I only used one, 12 ounce beer for five Bratwursts, and halved the rest of the recipe (since there are only 2 of us). This will be on the menu for our 1st spring cookout this year! Thanks!
  3. Chicagoland Chef du
    Now this is how you eat a brat!
  4. Charlotte J
    These were very good and it had a nice crisp crunch (from grilling) when you took a bite. My 8 brats weighed 2 1/4 pounds. I caramelized my onions in the butter first. Then added the brats and 24 ounces of beer which was enough to cover the brats. I think that is were there was a mistake in the recipe. As I'm SURE you are to DRINK the other 4 cans of beer while you are grilling. ;-) Made for *1 2 3 Hit Wonders* game 2007
  5. Rinshinomori
    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed making this simple dish. I substituted olive oil for butter and served the brats with my own sauerkraut and German ketchup/curry sauce I found here on zaar without the rolls and they were excellent. Thank you Lauralie41 for posting this recipe.

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