White Macaroni and Cheese Attack !

"Tonight I just couldn't get my act together for dinner! Came home and thought that I would have a quickie dinner - Mac and Cheese. No problem. OK...soon discovered there was a problem when I had no Mac...so off to the store I went to buy macaroni. Came home, boiled the water and macaroni and started the sauce. No milk ...or at least not enough....and no chicken bouillon. What to do? Triumph! A new Mac and Cheese recipe was born....so come share it.....it turned out surprisingly great! You can substitute chicken flavouring for the vegetable. I used what I had in the fridge....in fact I'll put this one up against my regular mac and cheese any day !"
White Macaroni and Cheese Attack ! created by cfletcher
Ready In:
1 casserole




  • Bring water to a rapid boil.
  • Add salt to the water for taste.
  • Add the macaroni and cook until it is very tender - 10 - 15 minutes.
  • While the macaroni is cooking, heat a sauce pan on medium.
  • Add the margarine/butter to melt.
  • When melted add the flour and whisk until it is blended.
  • Add the milk (1-2 cups as needed), white wine, vegetable flavouring and dry mustard.
  • Whisk until it has thickened.
  • Add the shredded cheese.
  • Whisk them all together and turn off heat.
  • Drain the macaroni when tender, add it to the sauce, add salt and pepper to taste -- and enjoy your comfort food !

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  1. cyaos
    This was a good macaroni and cheese that gets extra points for being easy to put together! I did add a whole teaspoon of dry mustard for some extra kick. It tasted quite a bit like the fondue cheese that we always make. Thanks for posting!
  2. Mary N.
    I think this recipe has a lot of potential, however, I did not care for the extra old white cheddar. (That is the actual name on the package, Canadian Extra Old Cheese) It was WAY too strong for my taste. I will try making again with a mild white cheddar or monterey jack even. I think it will be perfect once I use the milder cheese. Thanks for the recipe!
  3. Atiekay
    Absolutely delicious! I don't generally like macaroni and cheese! It's like a cross between a bechamel and a veloute base for this sauce! I also love how it uses 2 cups of cheese, unlike most recipes that call for 4 cups (for the same amount of pasta), which tend to taste gluey and overwhelming. Your amount is just perfect for my tastes. I used regular vegetable bouillon, pinot grigio for the wine, and white cheddar cheese. This recipe is a keeper:). Thanks for sharing!!!!
  4. Jules127
    Delicious and very addictive!!! I made this as a side for turkey meatloaf last night and it was perfect: extremely fast, easy and soooo tasty. I prefer the creamy texture to that of baked with breadcrumbs mac and cheese and also don't like processed cheese so this was perfect for me. The wine definitely gave it more of a slightly sophisticated taste. I only had chicken bouillon but it worked out well and I used extra sharp white cheddar. I froze individual meals with the meatloaf, mac and cheese and steamed broccoli, so I will add a note when I find out if it freezes well. I have made many, many recipes for macaroni and cheese and this is definitely in my top 2. Thanks CFletcher!!!
  5. msmia
    Made this for PAC Fall '06. I do believe this is the PERFECT Mac-n-cheese recipe!!! I tried to think of how it might be improved but I simply can't... The instructions say to "add the milk" but it's not listed in the ingredients -- I didn't have any so I added about a cup of vege broth to help with melting the cheese. I took it to work & everyone wanted the recipe!!! Just don't tell my mom that this is better than hers! ;-) Thanks for posting.



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