White Glaze Icing for Pastries, Cinnamon Rolls, and Danishes

"A creamy white glaze for icing pastries and Danish."
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Ready In:
1 cup




  • Mix the confectioners' sugar, butter, and vanilla together.
  • Adding half the milk (or orange juice) to start with, stir in to make a thick glaze, adding just a drop at a time more until you get a nice thick glaze.
  • Spread or pour immediately over cooled cinnamon rolls, pastries, pound cakes, or Danish.
  • Glaze will form a crust and harden as it cools, but you can spread over warmed cakes and serve that way as well.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Mickii H.
    Do you melt the butter
  2. Christopher S.
    Why did my icing turn out runny like water?
  3. cmcalister1964
    I am stuck with only granulated sugar and need to make a glaze or frosting
  4. Lisa W.
    Can i used Regular sugar and Substitute Vanille. Ort leave it out


  1. heavenly993
    I am not sure if the rest of you have made gazes before, especially for cinnamon rolls...but, this recipe was terrible! The butter added a darker color than preferred and the consistency was gritty....I know how to cook, bake, and follow recipes but I had to try this more than once after reading the reviews. However, both times I did not like the darker color due to the butter and the grittiness even with the softest/most sifted powdered sugar. In addition, either wit OJ or milk, or both, or adding it gradually/drizzling it in/it just did not matter! It was thick and DID NOT harden as cooled..... by the way, removing the butter really helped a lot!!!! YOU CAN ALSO use cream cheese instead of butter or eliminate it all together......also, you can replace the OJ and/or milk with just water. SO basically, you end up with an easier recipe of powdered sugar, vanilla, and water or milk.....much much better!!!!! Nice and clearish white glaze, perfectly drizzible consistency and DOES harden as it cools....when warmed back up, it melts perfectly again just like the original application! Do not attempt this recipe, it is a waste of time and butter LOL
  2. Blue Skies
    Yummy! I had a stroke of inspiration and made half this recipe (using a combo of oj and milk-1 tablespoon each) and added a dash of cinnamon. Spread glaze on leftover waffles and broiled for a yummy morning treat! It made enough to glaze 3-4 waffles. Thanks for the recipe!
  3. jerison
    Kids and hubby LOVED it! A visiting kid said, "This is smoother than 'regular' icing" (meaning store bought).
  4. Statia B.
    This is just the perfect glaze! The milk or OJ varies with room temp. I warmed it a tiny bit so it would glide on easier.
  5. Marie Nixon
    Tastes good. I dribbled the milk in until I got the proper consistency. I used it on a homemade coffee cake.


  1. Schalana M.
    I wasn't able to get the mixture to a glaze with the ingredients listed. I ended up using 2 more tablespoons of butter and 4 tablespoons more milk. It blended out really smoothly after that. Delicious glaze. Thank you!
  2. whitney p.
    Add 1 Tbs. Of butter and one to two more Tbs. Of milk and your thickness problems will disappear.. thank you for the recipe!!
  3. Audrey S.
    Use your favorite coffee creamer instead of milk. White chocolate is pretty good
  4. Jessica C.
    If the icing is too thick for your liking, simply add in more milk! start with a tablespoon, and continue to add more tablespoons of milk until desired consistency is achieved. This is a fool proof recipe. Even without sifting your powdered sugar, this recipe should not come out gritty. However, as a general rule, when using powdered sugar in any recipe, you should sift your powdered sugar first.
  5. Cat W.
    Something is wrong here...Either the glaze needs to be heated or it needs to be spread over hot cinnamon buns. Spreading it over cooled buns can't allow for it to "harden as it cools", as the glaze isn't heated (as per the current directions)...


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