White Chicken Manicotti With Spinach

READY IN: 1hr 30mins
SERVES: 8-10




  • To begin I boiled water a lil lawreys seasoned salt and a couple bay leaves then added the chicken breasts.
  • After they are cooked through set aside to cool.
  • In a large bowl mix Ricotta, 1 pkg Cream Cheese, 1.5 cups Sour Cream, a handful of parm and a handful of mozzarella, italian seasonings to taste,Lawreys seasoned salt to taste, pepper, and 2 eggs.
  • Use scissors to cut the spinach and chicken or shred. Add to the cheese sauce mixture. Mix all together.
  • Put mixture in a 1 lb zip lock bag.
  • Cook the manicotti as the directions on the box indicate. Mine say 7 minute.
  • After the noodles have cooled enough to handle cut a small piece of the corner of the zip lock back. Put the cut corner in to one end of manicotti and squeeze the bag until manicotti isfull. repeat until all are full.
  • In a separate pan make your alfredo. I make mine with sauted garlic cloves heavy whipping cream, a package of cream cheese, the last of the sour cream. bring to simmer until thick and add in some more parm and mozzarella. If there is any of the sauce mixture left after filling the manicotti add it to the alfredo.
  • In a large cake pan add a bit of alfredo sauce then lay manicotti on top then pouring the remaining alfredo over the top then cover with shredded parm and mozz.
  • Bake @ 350for 30 minute.