Weight Watchers White Chili

"This is from my WW leader. Hope u like it. One cup is 3 points"
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photo by teresas
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Ready In:
1hr 5mins




  • Combine all ingredients and simmer for one hour.
  • Or you can put all ingredients in the crock pot and simmer on low for 4-6 hours.

Questions & Replies

  1. Hi I just made your chili and it tastes and smells delicious! I am wondering where the three points come from. And if I have two cups is it still just six points or would it be more. The only thing I can figure out would be points from the cheese and possibly the salsa. Thank you for your information


  1. I made this last night for lunches for the week and it is delicious! I boiled the chicken and then let the chili simmer for about an hour. Great recipe! The only comment I have is that the directions seem to tell you to put the mozzarella in the soup to cook, and I think it's supposed to be on top for serving.
  2. This was a very easy recipe to follow. But I couldn't find the canned northern beans, so I used white kidney beans. I did enjoy it. I think next time though I will put the cheese on the top of the dished out bowls. It seemed the cheese melted then just stayed in a big ball, then stuck to the bottom of the pot. But still very easy and delicious.
  3. This is so yummy! Thanks for sharing..my entire family loved this and requests that I make it again and again!
  4. This is a very simple white Chili recipe. I used mild salsa, so it was kind of bland. We did add hot sauce to it which made it much better. Next time I will use medium or hot salsa to give it a little kick. This is definitely a keeper! Thanks for sharing.
  5. This is a chili we really enjoyed and a great idea to use leftover chicken. Take the crock pot chicken broth posted on RZ and it turns out really flavorful. I added the mozzarella right in the beginning and it melted beautifully and gave the gravy the right consistency, but maybe my crock pot does not become as hot as others. Thanks for posting this recipe!


I have always loved to cook. This got me into trouble with my wieght, because I loved to eat what I cooked. I am now a weight watcher, I have to lighten most recipes. My favorite cookbooks are Taste of Home & Taste of Home Light. MY pet peeve is boxed dinners. I do love simple and quick though. I have 3 grown sons, one is in last semester of college, one is married and a new baby is on the way, so I will be grandma in January. My daughter-in-law hates to cook, they order prepared food off the internet, that makes me crazy. ha. I love animals, but right now only have one dog. A bloodhound. She is so loveable, I would recommend this breed to anyone as long as you have patience, but they are one of the most loving breeds out there.My married son has 3 lab. retrievers,a baby will be easy after those 3 monsters, as I lovingly called them when they were pups. My oldest son has a Rottwieller. I have had 3 Rotts, they have all pasted, buy they are a really great breed. They are so smart and loveable, I guess that's why people who chose to make them bad, can do so, all they want to do is please their owners. My real passion is shoes, shoes, shoes. I also love jewelry, but shoes, shoes, shoes,!!!!! Update I am finally grandma to the prettiest baby girl ever. She was born on Jan. 15, her name is Mariah. She is perfect!
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