Verna's Easy Fishcakes

Verna's Easy Fishcakes created by Outta Here

This recipe is easy and simple. I often add shredded cheddar and green onions to spice it up. You can switch out canned salmon for the tuna.

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  • Combine all ingredients.
  • Form patties.
  • Panfry in butter on medium heat.
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"This recipe is easy and simple. I often add shredded cheddar and green onions to spice it up. You can switch out canned salmon for the tuna."

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  1. Hannah V.
    I LOVED this recipe - after I livened it up a bit! Here what I did: I mixed the tuna with the egg, salt, pepper, golden raisins, yellow mustard, and tartar sauce (if I had had mayonnaise and relish I would have used these instead). I think cooked, thin apple slices would be great to add, too. I used panko bread crumbs, which made it extra crunchy. To the sandwich I added dijon mustard on one slice, tartar sauce on the opposite slice. Tucked into the (rye bread) sandwich were: sliced avocado, tomato, and lightly cooked spinach and arugula (I put the spinach and arugula on the pan for 5 seconds). After I flipped the tuna cakes, I added cheddar cheese to the top, covered the pan with a lid, and let it melt! Overall it made a very hearty, flavorful sandwich. Just use whatever ingredients you have that you think would be good! This recipe has a lot of potential.
  2. rogerhh
    The only problem I had was I didn't drain the tuna well enough so the first one started to fall apart. I just squeezed the excess out of the mixture with my hands and were fine, and very spicy because of all the other recommendations. The lady was right it wasn't to much bread. I put mine in the bullet mixer or whatever it is called. Easy, quick and good.
  3. Kelsie G.
    5 stars because it's such a basic recipe. I mean, it has 3 ingredients! The only thing I would say to improve it is just to mention adding some optional seasoning. I just like that they don't give specific seasoning ingredients because it can make people feel discouraged if they don't have them all. Anyway, I used relish, mayonnaise, shredded cheese, and mustard. Would have added more spices if I had them, but overall this is a really awesome dish. Obviously good enough to make me sign up for the website just to write a review...
  4. Shannon A.
    Easy and would definitely make this again, but it absolutely positively needs something else in it for flavour. They taste EXACTLY like a tuna toasted sandwich. I will probably put a slice of cheese and tomato on top after flipping it the first time in the frypan. Thank you, this will be very versatile for making different flavour combinations when there's nothing in my fridge to make for dinner.
  5. americansweetie5
    I used the garlic oil tuna that we buy from super walmart at home. I added a little mustard for it to stick better. I used canola oil instead of butter to fry these. I have to say, these were very tasty!

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