Vegetable (With Shrimp and Ground Chicken) Egg Roll

READY IN: 3hrs
YIELD: 30 Wraps




  • This part is very important and time-consuming. Wash and rinse all the vegetables at least 3 times. Chop all vegetables (except the sprouts) into smaller pieces. Cut green beans into small, slanted pieces (the smaller, the faster it cooks). For the shrimp: remove shell, devein, and thoroughly clean and wash. Chop the shrimps up bit.
  • Put cooking oil into a medium-sized wok/skillet and heat to low-medium. Add garlic and stir until light brown for about 1min. Add onion and stir until light brown for about 2min. Add shrimp and stir until it all turns pink. Add 1 T of fish sauce. Stir for 1min, put the shrimp mixture into bowl and set aside.
  • Set heat to medium-high and put ground chicken into wok and stir until it browns. Add 1 T of fish sauce and stir for 1min. Set heat to medium and add green beans. Stir then cover for about 3min. Continue to uncover, stir, and re-cover until green beans are soft-ish.
  • Add carrots, stir, and cover for 2min. Add celery and sprout and stir. Add the shrimp mixture and 1 T of fish sauce (add according to your taste so keep adding or don't if you're satisfied. Also add salt and MSG according to your taste if desired ). Stir then cover for about 2min Continue to uncover, stir, and recover until everything's cooked (pretty much when green beans are soft).
  • Once cooked, put everything into a strainer and let drain. Prepare egg roll wrappers. Put about 1-2 spoonfull of the filling into a wrapper and roll it up. To cook egg roll: put some oil and heat up a skillet into medium heat for about 5min. Put egg rolls (with the end corner downwards) and cook until all sides are light brown. Put cooked egg rolls into strainer and dab egg rolls with tissue to remove excess oil. Serve with white rice and vinegar/garlic sauce.