Vegan French Toast

"This is so delicious that most people I have made it for prefer this to the egg variety."
Vegan French Toast created by Outta Here
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  • combine soymilk, cinnamon, vanilla, peanut butter and flour in a medium sized bowl, whisking till smooth.
  • heat oil in a pan (low-medium).
  • dredge bread in mixture and cook till brown on each side (about 2 minutes for the first side, 1 for the second).
  • serve with maple syrup and enjoy.

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  1. Alecia Pearl
    My five year old and one year old liked it too. Will make again.
  2. babajojo
    Very impressive recipe. This is one to make for guests.
  3. timhammond
    This was suprisingly good. I used sunbutter because I didnt' have peanut butter around. I bet it would be better with peanut butter.
  4. blancpage
    I intended on using a loaf of french bread before it went bad as well. It looked fine last night, but this morning, it was cultivating lovely green mold (oops!), so I used regular white bread that was about a week old. I scaled this down to feed 1 (2 slices). This was very good imo. Out of habit, I almost grabbed my Eggbeaters, lol! I used Jif Creamy and Edensoy Light Soy Milk. Unfortunately my bread got extremely soggy so that as it was frying, I had trouble flipping the slices without tearing or squishing the bread. I did flip the bread in the batter three times in order to get enough flavor. Btw, my batter was lumpy at first too with the pb lumps, but after a few minutes of whisking, I got most of the lumps out. Next time I'll coat just one time on each side. The flavor of this was wonderful. The ratios were perfect. I loved how the edges of the bread got crunchy. I might also try toasting the bread first. This was a nice recipe and glad I tried it. I will keep this to make again. My first impression was that I liked this vegan french toast better than regular. Next time I'll also try french bread, since it'll be firmer than the soft white I had to use. Thanks for sharing VegBear! Made for my orphan in the SPRING PAC 2008 Orphanage. ETA: I used regular pancake/waffle syrup on these and a bit of Smart Balance with Flaxseed Oil Spread. I think Mikekey's use of thick-sliced cinnamon swirl bread and honey are excellent ideas! :)
  5. Outta Here
    Vegan French Toast Created by Outta Here


i live in New York although i am from North Carolina. i have a passion for vegan cooking, and am a graduate of the Natural Gourmet School of Cookery. i also am a vegan/vegetarian pricvate chef in the NYC area. if you are interester please email me <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
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