Vegan Coconut Ice

"I can't wait to try this vegan ice cream!"
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  • In blender combine coconut milk and tofu, sugar and vanilla: mix well.
  • Test for sweetness and add more sugar if desired.
  • Transfer the mixture to the ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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  1. michellehauser
    This is actually a comment on the previous review. The "soy taste" is from the firm tofu that was substituted. If this is made according to the recipe (i.e. with silken tofu), there will not be a "soy taste." Happy vice cream making!
  2. ChezBoo
    I altered the original recipe slightly to reflect the ingredients I had on hand - and we enjoyed this delightful treat. I used the coconut milk with firm tofu (I needed use it up), the sugar, toasted coconut shreds, dark chocolate, and accidentally too little vanilla. The outcome was still pretty darn good. Given the strong soy taste, I'll probably opt for coconut extract next time.... and there will definitely be a next ime! OK - I am editing my original review. The coconut ice improved drastically overnight... the soybean flavor was not as noticeable. Still, I will add either vanilla or coconut extract on the next batch... and there will be a next batch!


I'm an "ovo-vegan" and while some may find that restrictive, believe me, I don't miss out on yummy food! I often would rather stay home and whip up something from whatever I have on hand than go out to restaurants. I'm a student at a community college (although I may return to Columbia next year...I know, big difference!). I'm taking an environmental science course right now, which has seriously effected the way I view our world. Eating organically grown foods has suddenly become a priority for me! If you want to do your part for our world, remember this: have NO MORE THAN TWO CHILDREN. I know, your first thought in response to that is "But ME in (America or other economically sound, technologically advanced, and highly educated country) in my station in society having kids isn't the problem. MY children would (educated, spiritual, kind-hearted, beautiful...fill in your adjective here) and would be part of the solution to the problems!" Well, yes, but it's really not fair to your anyone, that child included. Every person you bring into the world will require an American/Western lifestyle, meaning drive cars, live in a comfortable home, require a job, use water...all of which taxes our earth's resources to a ridiculous extent. (A whole lot more so than developing nations, who have their own set of woes--mainly living the way they are because someone else is restricting them to benefit people like us) People, we're growing in numbers so fast and demanding more and more of our world, we're going to crash. If not in the lifetime of your children or grandchildren, then in the generation after that. Is that fair to that/those children you have, ahem, more than two? With everyone having two kids only, at least we'll level off our population. Sigh. Okay, so do the right thing, avoid mass-agriculture if you can while you cook, and enjoy our priveledged life without being selfish. :-)
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