Vanilla Milk Tea

Vanilla Milk Tea created by Annacia

Comforting and warming (but less guilt-generating than a cup of hot chocolate!) on a cold winter afternoon

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  • Put powdered milk, vanilla bean (split in two and seeds scraped out in the pot) and sweetener in a teapot.
  • Pour 2 tbsp of the boiling water in the teapot and mix well with a spoon, you should get a smooth paste (it is important that you do this or the powdered milk might sort of "curdle", don't ask me why but it does it!).
  • Add the teabag(s) to the teapot and pour remaining boiling water, mixing well; let steep 5-7 minutes (or longer if you like a stronger tea flavour).
  • Strain to get rid of the vanilla pieces (you don't need to do it if you use vanilla essence, of course).
  • If you have a milk "frother" you can use it to have a lightly foamy version (I suggest you do it directly in the serving mug/cup, or the light froth won't last).
  • A stronger-adult version can be made by substituting vanilla bean/essence with a vanilla flavoured liqueur.
  • Or, you can just add it.
  • Sip preferably on a comfy couch, cuddled up under a blanket with a good book, a pet, and a nice background music-- enjoy!
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"Comforting and warming (but less guilt-generating than a cup of hot chocolate!) on a cold winter afternoon"

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  1. Darkhunter
    I made this this morning as I watched the blizzard outside. I'm not one, usually, for milk in my tea, but this just hit the spot. Thnx for sharing your recipe. Made for Comfort Cafe Snow Queen Chalet Jan 2010.
  2. Annacia
    When I found this I had to make it right away. I don't take milk is my tea but I really loved the vanilla. I used a Vanilla Earl Gray tea bag. This was a warm and lovely treat on this winter day.
  3. Annacia
    Vanilla Milk Tea Created by Annacia
  4. Mandy
    I'm not really a tea drinker but had some vanilla tea bags on hand so gave this a go. This was really nice, I used a bit of equal to sweeten but found I didn't use enough so added honey to each cup as I poured it & it was great. W ould be great with other tea flavours too, next time I'll try with caramel & maybe even cookies & cream tea.
  5. lemoncurd
    I scaled this recipe down to make 1 cup because I normaly dont drink milk with my tea. Wow I was in for a suprise it was very warming and comforting. I went and made 4 more cups right away :) I used honey and vanilla flavoured tea bags, fresh milk and i increased the vanilla essences. It was a lovely warming comforting tea with a hint of vanilla. thank you.:)

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