Ty's 3 Day Smoked Tri-Tip

Recipe by TYpeace
READY IN: 74hrs




  • Combine mustard and half a cup of soy sauce in a bowl large enough for the tri-tip to marinate. Stir until mustard thins out.add the rest of the ingredients; mix well.
  • Stab tri-tip about 25 times with a steak knife.
  • Marinate for 3 days; turn once or twice a day (this tastes best). Overnight works, but try the 3 day method at least once! You can taste the difference!
  • The day of bbq: AHH, the wait is over! Fill the smoker with coals! And I mean fill it! The wet wood chips will make your flame die down a bit.
  • About an hour before you start smoking, put four handfuls of wood chips (hickory, mesquite or olive are best!) in a bowl of boiling hot water; let soak until your coals (NO GAS SMOKERS) are white or your smoker reads IDEAL. If you have a Brinkman, put wet wood chips right on the coals.
  • When the ash clears, add your meat. Let cook with lid on or door shut, about 2 1/2 hours, flip at least once. Add chips every time the smoke dies down. Cut smoking time for rare meat.
  • When it's done enough for you, (I like mine well done!) serve with macaroni salad and a beer roll, or potato salad and a potato bread roll. They both are great!
  • 7Just make sure you have a beer to salute me if you like this recipe and good friends nearby to enjoy this with you is always great!