Ty's 3 Day Smoked Tri-Tip

"This is gotta be my favorite food. It's all mine, as far as I know. My mom gave me the idea though. She told me she liked to add soy sauce to ground-beef, to give it flavor. Also to make it not stink up the kitchen while it was cooking. So one day I decided to try soy sauce with tri-tip, only in a marinade instead of cooking with it. The weight of the meat doesn't make a difference, it's all in the time you marinate and the smoking itself."
photo by Sandi From CA photo by Sandi From CA
photo by Sandi From CA
photo by Sandi From CA photo by Sandi From CA
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  • Combine mustard and half a cup of soy sauce in a bowl large enough for the tri-tip to marinate. Stir until mustard thins out.add the rest of the ingredients; mix well.
  • Stab tri-tip about 25 times with a steak knife.
  • Marinate for 3 days; turn once or twice a day (this tastes best). Overnight works, but try the 3 day method at least once! You can taste the difference!
  • The day of bbq: AHH, the wait is over! Fill the smoker with coals! And I mean fill it! The wet wood chips will make your flame die down a bit.
  • About an hour before you start smoking, put four handfuls of wood chips (hickory, mesquite or olive are best!) in a bowl of boiling hot water; let soak until your coals (NO GAS SMOKERS) are white or your smoker reads IDEAL. If you have a Brinkman, put wet wood chips right on the coals.
  • When the ash clears, add your meat. Let cook with lid on or door shut, about 2 1/2 hours, flip at least once. Add chips every time the smoke dies down. Cut smoking time for rare meat.
  • When it's done enough for you, (I like mine well done!) serve with macaroni salad and a beer roll, or potato salad and a potato bread roll. They both are great!
  • 7Just make sure you have a beer to salute me if you like this recipe and good friends nearby to enjoy this with you is always great!

Questions & Replies

  1. What is the cooking temp? My gauges are in degrees
  2. Do you dab it dry and add seasoning before smoking?


  1. This is the best way to cook tri tip. I used low sodium soy sauce, Coor's original, and crown royal because it's what I had. Hubby loved it too. We WILL be making this again.
  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooo baby! This was SO good, but we changed it up a bit, so let me clarify. Halved the recipe, used Belgian Hefenweizen beer (whatever that is), and omitted the whiskey, salt and habanero sauce. It was plenty salty from the ingredients we DID use not being diluted by those we DIDN'T use. (Did that make any sense?) The next day we made sandwiches on toasted bread with mayo, spinach leaves, red onion slices and pepperoncini peppers. YUM! Speaking of soy sauce, that's what we use in our steak/burger marinade (Recipe #160807). Thank you for posting, Ty. This went rapidly shooting straight into my ~ENCORE~ cookbook of favorites!
  3. I had a beer and saluted you Ty. This recipe was fantastic. Had the neighbors over and the next week he was cooking the same recipe. If you love tri-tip, this is just a fantastic recipe.
  4. This is almost exactly how my dad taught me to do it when I was a kid. It's my favorite way to do em. We never let it sit for 3 days though, I'll have to give that a shot.
  5. A huge hit! Was my first time smoking red meat, and this tri-tip was excellent. Most agreed it was the best tri-tip they had tasted. Was a little salty for me, might mix it up a bit next time. I am a little picky when it comes to salt, though.


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