Turkish Delight Ice Cream

Recipe by BluejeanBaby
READY IN: 15mins
SERVES: 8-12


  • 1
    cup Turkish Delight (I used about 10 pieces)
  • 1
    cup macadamias (Roasted Salted)
  • 1
    cup white wine (Riesling or dessert?)


  • Let cce cream soften just a bit. I used a plain supermarket vanilla (2L)and added a more rich vanilla bean ice cream (1L) just to thicken the mix. The best texture is not liquid, but soft enough to fold. If it gets too liquid it will refreeze with crystals of ice. You might need to beat it to fluff it up before re-freezing if that happens. Half freeze and beat it some more!
  • Chop Turkish Delight into pieces (I made them eighths).
  • Open the wine! Really a cup might be a bit much--add in generous sloshes!
  • Take a large mixing bowl add 1 litre of ice cream in large dollopy bits.
  • Fold in a good slosh of wine.
  • Add more ice cream and more wine.
  • If you are having liquefying problems now would be a good time to beat, freeze, beat and re-freeze. But if you are anything like me and flavour is more important than texture continue it will still be scrummy!
  • Fold in Turkish Delight, then nuts.
  • Refreeze. If you want to be posh, refreeze in a fancy bowl then you can turn it out on a plate to serve in slices.
  • Serve. You could garnish this with more chopped Turkish Delight.