Turbo Mojito

Recipe by lolsuz
READY IN: 2mins
YIELD: 1 Mojito




  • Tools: 10oz measured bar glass (if you don't have one already, BUY ONE. They're great for many uses in the kitchen!). You'll also need a bar muddler (or a wooden spoon handle).
  • Measure 2oz of rum into the bar measure, toss in the mint leaves, and press the leaves with the muddler for at least 30 seconds. The point is to get as much flavor out of the leaves as you can without tearing them to bits.
  • Measure in your simple syrup. I like about 1.5oz of syrup in my mojitos, but you'll find what level of sweetness you like. The syrup is heavy and will sink immediately to the bottom of the mix.
  • Add in about 4oz of sparkling lime water and stir- gently- to loosen the syrup at the bottom of the glass.
  • Pour- leaves and all- into a tall glass that's already filled with ice. Top off with sparkling lime water, stir gently, and serve.
  • Simple syrup: Boil 2 parts sugar and 1 part water together until sugar is well-dissolved. Let cool and pour into a sealable container. Keeps well in the fridge for months.
  • Tip: Use turbinado (raw) sugar to make your bar syrup; it's much closer to the cane syrup that's used traditionally in Cuba to make Mojitos. This is what makes this recipe shine above Mojito recipes made with syrup made with white sugar. Turbinado syrup gives a much richer flavor to drinks, and a beautiful golden color too.
  • I know some people will disapprove of my using sparkling lime water instead of the traditional sparkling water and fresh-squeezed lime juice. If you buy a sparkling water that has no artificial ingredients (just water and lime) it tastes just as good and it makes it so much faster and easier to prepare this drink. Don't knock it 'till you try it!