Tres Leches Hazelnut Cake (Cuatro Leches )

"Tes Leches translates to 3 milks which make this so very moist! I add hazelnut creamer to the 3 milks so I thought I should name it Cuatro Leches. You will not be disappointed. This looks hard but is a very easy cake and well worth it."
photo by Jonathan Melendez photo by Jonathan Melendez
photo by Jonathan Melendez
photo by Jonathan Melendez photo by Jonathan Melendez
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Ready In:
1hr 20mins




  • Preheat oven to 350°F Grease and flour a 10 inch spring for pan, set aside.
  • Tres Leches sauce --.
  • In a large pot bring all 4 milks (first four ingredients)to a boil stirring frequently. Remove from heat stir in extract and chill in a large bowl covered.
  • Cake --.
  • Beat the box cake, butter, eggs and water on low speed to mix in then at medium for 2 minutes.
  • Take note of picture batter will be thick. Spread batter in prepared pan.
  • Bake for 50 minutes.
  • Shut oven off and open door to cool cake 30 minutes.
  • Remove side of pan place on a wire rack remove to cool completely.
  • Line a large container (I used a plastic cake carrier inverted) with plastic wrap going over the sides.
  • Cut cake in half with a serrated knife to make 2 layers.
  • Place top half cut side up in container. Top with strawberries top with bottom of cake cut side down.
  • Using a wooden skewer poke plenty of holes in cake not going through the plastic wrap on the bottom.
  • Pour slowly 4 cups of sauce over cake. Wrap over hanging plastic wrap.
  • Refrigerate cake and remaining sauce over night.
  • One hour before serving pour 1-1/2 cups more sauce then return to chill.
  • Topping --.
  • Whip cream sugar and extract till stiff peaks form.
  • Assembly --.
  • Remove cake from refrigerator uncover and carefully invert onto a serving platter with a raised edge so cream won `t run off the platter.
  • Remove wrap and spread whipped cream.
  • Serve with the chilled reserved cream.

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  1. What a delight! It is definitely worth the effort. With the beautifully flavored spongy layers soaking up all that sweet, creamy goodness and the berries ripe and sweet, you will be in dessert hog-heaven :) Love, love, loved the hazelnut/almond/strawberry flavors together! I was SO hoping for leftovers, but alas, my party guests scarfed down every last crumb! I added some almond and vanilla extracts to both the whipped cream and the cake batter, otherwise made as stated. Thank you Rita for a fabulous cuatro leches cake!
  2. This cake it the BEST!!! My husband is from mexico and he was so impressed with your recipe that i had to send pictures to his momma all the way to mexico lol. I have made other tres leches and either the cake was to dence or to soggy this one was just right THANKS for the recipe its a 10 in my book
  3. Wow, this is out of this world. My family and guests just raved about this cake. It is truly decadent and worth the effort. I was handing out the recipe. A definite keeper. Made for ZWT8.
  4. I made this recipe and another tres leches recipe (that used coconut milk and topped with fruit) and I have to say that this was not as good as the other one. Also, it did not soak into the cake as well either. Although it was pretty good, the other tres leches recipe blew this one away.
  5. This was a hit at the cinco de mayo party. I made the cake into a sheet cake. I used a cool whip topping. Thanks for posting.


  1. I attended a PGA event in Houston, TX and saw this cake with a sauce on the bottom. I'm not one for mushy deserts but I thought I'd try it anyway. It was so good I ate 3 pieces. I came home and found your recipe. I made it and it was fantastic. Better than the first one I tasted. I altered the recipe and put in vanilla caramel instead of hazelnut. Superb. Thanks!



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