Top-Rated Reuben Sandwich

Recipe by Rare Affaire
READY IN: 20mins




  • Preheat your grill to about 325 degrees F. (That's just about medium for many burners, but it also depends on if your stove is gas, electric, glass-topped, or a number of other factors -- experimenting is the surest way to find out.).
  • Spread outside of each slice of rye with soft butter, about 1 Tbls per side (Scrape it thin -- too much butter makes browning more difficult and reduces crispness.).
  • Place bread on grill butter side down, and put 1 slice Swiss on each side.
  • Pre-heat the corned beef on a very low setting in the microwave or heat it briefly on the grill, but DON'T OVERCOOK! You want to heat, not dry out. Layer the corned beef on 1 side.
  • Heat sauerkraut on grill, but do not brown. When it steams, it's ready.
  • When cheese melts, remove sandwich from heat.
  • Spread Louie Dressing onto side with cheese only. (This stops it from soaking into the warm bread and making it soggy.).
  • Put sauerkraut onto corned beef & roughly make an even layer.
  • Close sandwich, salt if you like (we do) and cut as desired. (We served it with a homemade dill pickle spear and a bit of salad.).
  • Serve it hot!