Top Ramen With Chicken

Recipe by Abi Fae
READY IN: 15mins




  • Cut the chicken into chunks, or thin slices, depending on how you like it to look. This is easiest if the chicken is still half frozen.
  • Heat a skillet slightly. Add the first set of oil, shoyu, vinegar, garlic, and honey. Once it is warm enough that the honey melts, add the chicken. Cook over medium heat.
  • Brown chicken until it is very dark. I like mine just before it burns.
  • Once the meat starts to brown, let it cook for a while. Meanwhile, make the soup.
  • Add the second set of shoyu, vinegar, ginger, and honey to a sauce pan. Add enough water that noodles will just be covered. Heat water until the honey is mixed in completely.
  • This is when you want to adjust to taste. I find the soup is different every time. Partly because I don't measure, but partly because it depends on the honey.
  • Add the konbu (a type of seaweed) to the soup, if desired.
  • Add the frozen veggies.
  • Heat to a boil. Remove konbu.
  • Add noodles (but throw away the icky spice packet) and boil for three minutes. If the chicken isn't done, hold off on adding the noodles to the water. They'll get soggy otherwise.
  • Place noodles in two bowls with a small amount of broth. Add chicken on top. Garnish with chopped peanuts or pickled ginger.