Tootsie Rolls

"An easy recipe like the ones you can buy -- only better!"
photo by Marney photo by Marney
photo by Marney
photo by Marney photo by Marney
Ready In:




  • Mix all ingredients together.
  • Knead like you would for bread.
  • Roll into rope shapes and cut into desired lengths.
  • Wrap with plastic wrap to keep.

Questions & Replies

  1. hey so how many tootsie rolls does this recipe actually make like on average I know the size makes a difference but I need a round about number


  1. Thanks, we had fun with this recipe. One idea we tried was to form them into balls and press them around lolipop sticks. Then we made a standard hard candy recipe (just sugar, corn syrup, and water, cooked to hard crack stage, with added flavorings), and dipped the totsie pops in. To keep the hard candy recipe from hardening too quickly as we dipped the pops, we poured it into a warm glass container that we kept hot on a electric griddle at 300 - 350 degrees. Kinda tricky, but fun.
  2. These are good, but they are not Tootsie Rolls. The real Tootsie Rolls are so hard to chew would pull the fillings out of your teeth. These are soft and delicious. I did miss the "chew". I will make these again, but maybe roll them into balls and then dredge in cocoa or powdered sugar. They make a nice treat to put out on the coffee table.
  3. I really enjoyed these and so did everyone who tried them. Yes, they are not as hard as the orginal tootsie rolls, but that is what I like about them. The ingredients are easy to find and the product is easy to make. Thank you Faith77
  4. It's a good recipe, but I'd add one step. To make the mixing easier, heat the corn syrup up before mixing it in. Get it good around boiling point. It will be thinner and easier to incorporate.
  5. Very easy to make and they turned out awesome. I had to add a little extra corn syrup and butter (wondering if it's because AZ is so dry). I made for a friend for his x-mas present .


  1. Here's how I made these and they turned out great. I used a one gallon ziplock bag to mix it in. First I dumped all the dry ingredients in the bag. Then I melted the butter (mine was salted) and poured it in. I added the vanilla (and I use double in every recipe I ever make, so I did that here too) and corn syrup. After that, I closed the bag trying to get out most of the air and kneaded it. It did not look like there was enough liquid, but there really was enough. It takes time to knead it and then knead it some more. After let's say 5 minutes of kneading if it's too dry then add just a few drops more of corn syrup and knead that in. They actually taste good. I did not heat the corn syrup but I did melt the butter because I wasn't going to wait for it to soften. I'm making Halloween treats for a party with these (turd rolls on a stick). I plan to wrap them in plastic wrap in order to keep them until then (the candy in the stores wasn't made yesterday, so these should keep just fine). If you want them "harder" then just let them air dry for a bit before you wrap them.
  2. Absolutely brilliant for what I wanted, see Recipe # 3091. So my photos are GROSS, and I won't post photos here out of respect for what is really an extremely tasty recipe! I have no idea what a tootsie roll looks or tastes like normally. Had to use golden syrup instead of the white corn.



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