Tofu Dream Pudding and Pie Filling

Recipe by Chef #208121
READY IN: 5mins




  • The tofu called for here is asceptic tofu NOT waterpacked tofu. One brand is Mori-Nu. AGAIN: It will NOT work with Waterpacked [tofu packed in water] also called cotton. It will NOT work with firm waterpack tofu. The texture and the taste will change because the medium will change. An example of the correct tofu is: Please feel free to visit the Vegetarian forum and ask if you aren't sure. We don't bite. Honest but we do have great ways to make stuff taste even better. I host there so you can ask anytime. As to the Almond, add a bit, taste and add more. Don't add all at once. You may need less than we use because brands vary. [Do the same with other flavorings too] Also I have added chocolate extract. It does well with that in place of the Almond.
  • Simply blend your tofu, cocoa, sugar or Splenda, vanilla in a food processor or blender until smooth and well blended.
  • You have pudding. Add to your favorite shell or eat as a pudding. Can be used in parfaits also. Layer pudding, fruit, pudding, fruit. garnish with fruit slices and a mint leaf or two or almond slices.
  • NOTE 24.6 ounces is two standard packages for me. It does seem to "grab" the sweet of sugar to me so I use less. I also find it works very well with Splenda. Those with a sweet tooth may want to tweak that. Simply add the 1/4 and taste. Then add to your taste. Syrups such as honey, maple syrup and Kings Molasses have been used but I personally wasn't pleased with it. However tastes may vary. Also note it MUST BE FIRM SILKEN. IT CANNOT BE WATERPACKED [can be low fat, organic or regular]. Soft is for smoothies and Cotton or waterpacked is for other methods.
  • I never thought to add this. Be careful what cocoa powder you use. The tofu is going to grab the taste. IF it is a chalky type you are going to have chalky tofu pudding. Nothing in the pudding mix will 'hide' that. Remember this has no milk to 'mute' the cocoa taste.