"Often times the important of low-maintenance meals is undervalued. I think the perfect and, above all, easiest meal- yes, I do mean meal- is toast. Depending on your girth, this recipe may not fill you, so feel free to double, dare I say, triple this recipe according to your hunger. This is a time-honored family recipe that I hope you enjoy. I know I do!"
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Ready In:
1 Piece of Toast


  • 28 -32 g sliced bread (ten centimeter x eleven centimeter x one centimeter)
  • 4 -7 tablespoons butter (depending on where you live)


  • Take piece of bread in right or left hand.
  • With alternate hand, open toaster- NOTE: This step may vary depending on your toaster oven.
  • Place piece of bread in toaster oven.
  • Turn dial/knob determine the level of darkness to your desire
  • [Assuming your toaster oven is plugged into a working electric socket] Turn on toaster
  • Wait.
  • Don protective gear.
  • Remove toast (no longer bread) from toaster over when the toasting of said toast is no longer toasting.
  • Place toast on surface of object of your choice.
  • Take nife in hand.
  • Using nife, cut 4-7 tablespoons of butter.
  • Spread said butter on toast.
  • Eat.

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  1. I am sorry I took so long to review this recipe. I was only going to give 1 star. The first attempt was an utter failure. I made it almost exactly as stated but with the following substitutions... I didn't have any actual Bread in the house but I did find a piece of cardboard that I cut to the required dimensions. My toasting device doesn't have a door on it, only slots on the top, so it took a while to figure out which hand to use. Seeing as the cardboard was already brown I decided I could skip that step. I also found I was out of butter so I scrounged up some glue and applied that liberally. The smell was a bit off and it looked a bit chewy so I couldn't see myself eating it so I used it to patch the hole in the cabinet to keep the mice from eating my bread and butter.<br/>After returning from the store I made the recipe EXACTLY as stated and it was wonderful. 5 stars for you. Keep up the good work I await your next culinary creation. :D
  2. Thanks so much for posting this recipe! It's very similar to the way my Polish grandmother used to make toast but after her death in 1989, the recipe was lost (tragically, along with her recipe for boiling eggs). Thanks again, TMAC! It's almost like my babcia was with us again!
  3. I made this, but of course had to put my own spin on it. I held the bread in my mouth, dropped it into the toaster and pushed the toaster button down with my elbow. No hands! Otherwise, followed directions.
  4. This recipe is possibly one of the best treasures I've managed to stumble across on the interweb! I made it for my kids and my ex-wife the other day, and now me and my, formerly, ex-wife are back together! No lie, this toast is a miracle-worker!
  5. I've made this recipe many many times and it always turns out perfectly. This is the perfect recipe to give to your grown children when they leave the nest. Thanks for sharing, lol.



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