Tiger Waffles

"Resembles Belgian waffles but easier, and moister than a pancake. I did not want to buy and store a separate waffle maker, so I use a George Foreman meat grill. It is also easier than making with a waffle maker. Tastes like Belgian waffles but easier to make. Good with syrup or whipped cream and fruit sauce or with a meal like gravy or cream sauce. Is handy when no access to stove."
photo by laby4474 photo by laby4474
photo by laby4474
Ready In:
1 waffle


  • 1 cup mrs butterworth's buttermilk pancake mix (other brand names are not as good)
  • 12 - 34 cup water (yes it is supposed to be thick, i am from wisconson so "belgium" waffles are somewhat soft and not a)
  • 1 -2 tablespoon vegetable oil (the best is olive oil, it cooks best and is the most healthy)
  • 1 teaspoon good for baking stick margarine (you only use a little so it's still healthy,do not use whipped or soft or diet and also do not use b)


  • Change the angle on the George Foreman meat cooking grill so it is level not tilted any more (I used the small George Foreman grill-- the one that cooks approximately 4 hamburgers).
  • Use the spare legs or the drain tray upside down or similar method.
  • Preheat the grill 5 minutes--use a timer.
  • Combine all ingredients except the margarine or pam like spray.
  • Grease both sides of the grill lightly with margarine (do not use butter in the grill--it will burn black and smoke).
  • Pour the entire batter gently into the grill; smooth carefully.
  • Close the grill.
  • Wait a minute more or less until steaming slows down or stops.
  • Open the grill and test with a toothpick to see if done. If not done, close grill 10 to 30 seconds more.
  • Open the grill and remove the tiger waffle.
  • It will have golden brown and dark brown tiger stripes and be like a Belgian waffle but also a new taste and texture very moist.
  • Good with syrup or hot fruit sauces or as part of a meal instead of potatoes or rice, pasta you know with a gravy or cream sauce.

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  1. laby4474
    It didn't taste anything like a belgian waffle to me. It wasn't crispy like a waffle (1/2 c. water made a very thick batter so I added a little more, maybe it was supposed to be that thick?). It was fine but I think I'll stick to regular pancakes in a frying pan.


My family has a recipe heritage from Finland, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Also, I like to try new foods from all sorts of places, this is an american tradition. Some of my favorite recipes are from a Girl Scout cookbook. This is because I am a Girl Scout Leader. During the summer, for one week, I volunteer as Girl Scout program manager at our daycamp. I help manage crafts, songs, games, activities around a central theme. At the same daycamp I am the bus lady. I say things like" Sit down ,don't poke your neighbor." or "Who wants to vote on what song to sing?" I love it. Ok, now what else do I think is worth doing for fun? I like to garden in our yard. My all time favorite "cookbook" is a recipe box from my great grandma, grandma, and mother, in thier own handwriting. My second most favorite cookbook is Mrs. Beeton's all about cookery New Edition circa 1913. I am passionate about people, pets, children. i like attending and volunteering at native american pow wows, summer picnics and meetings. it is a good welcoming club. t native american thru daughter.happy to have learned few recipes there. If I had a month off no work, no responsibilities I would do arts and crafts and read books all night long sleeping in late each morning. I would go to museums in the afternoon, then to the library to get more books. I would cook and eat foods that I remember from my childhood.
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