Three Bean Award Winning Chili

"I like chili and when I make it I like to make a big pot of it. This recipe makes about 2 gallons and has won 1st and 2nd place in chili cook-off contests. This chili will have just a touch of heat, so If you like spicy chili, double up the jalapeno and cayenne pepper. This recipe works well with venison too."
photo by CJAY8248 photo by CJAY8248
photo by CJAY8248
Ready In:
1hr 50mins
2 gallons




  • add salt, black pepper, garlic powder to ground beef and cook with onions and red/green peppers in dutch oven.
  • drain excess grease.
  • add balance of ingredients.
  • cover and simmer for 90 minutes or more.
  • serve with toppings.

Questions & Replies

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  1. null769
    I’m making a shrimp chili 10gal 5lbs of lg shrimp do you think would’ve ok


  1. jstaggs12
    I have made this chile 2 times now. Each time it was for a chili cook off at my wife's work. Once in Florida and once in Arizona. It won both times with everyone loving the chili. The 2nd time I added a little more cayenne powder and a few more jalapenos to add to the heat of the chili. The chili will taste better the 2nd day after letting it set over night and reheating it the next day. Update to last posting, another 1st place in the chili cook off. That makes 3 for 3 everyone loves the chili.
  2. Daisy 4 Me
    Everyone loved this chili recipe!! Although I made the following changes: I didn't need 2 gallons so I halved most of the recipe but I added more hamburger, kept the spices-cumin, red pepper, garlic-the same as the 2 gallon recipe plus a little more and added 1 cup of water rather than 1/2 cup. Turned out great with just the right amount of heat!
  3. CJAY8248
    This was okay but the cumin was overpowering. It made the chili taste bitter. I had to add something else to take away the cumin and then the chili was too hot. I'll try it again with half the amount of cumin and see if it improves. Thanks for sharing. Made for PAC Spring 2010. I'm changing this to 5 stars because when I reheated it the next day it was awesome. The flavors had blended perfectly. I'll still make it again with half the cumin and let it simmer longer.
  4. CynthiaNotCyndy
    I made this chili for the first time last year, but I used dry beans instead, and it was delicious! I'm making it again tonight!
  5. Amber C.
    I've never made chili before so I looked for an "easy" recipe. I followed the recope EXACTLY then entered it in a chili cook-off and took 1st place! I loved it as did everyone else! Great chili!



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