The Ultimate Mcdonald's Burger Recipe Complete With Secret Sauce

Recipe by Midnight_Blue_
READY IN: 40mins
YIELD: 8 burgers




  • Sauce:
  • Mix all ingredients and then microwave for approximately 20 seconds on high to melt sugar.
  • *****Then refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving, allowing flavors to blend.***** This is the most crucial yet overlooked step!
  • while waiting on sauce, gather burger ingredients.
  • Pickles: Slice Vlasic original or Heinz genuine dills into small slices (cut at angle) and set aside.
  • Onions: Place dried onions in tupperware container and cover in water (should be just barely submerged) set aside (in refridgerator).
  • Patties: Mix salt, msg, pepper, and onion together in a shaker or small container. Lightly season beef, kneading about 1/3 of the seasoning into the meat. divide meat into 8 small patties about 4 in by 1/4 in for 1/8 lb patties, 1/2 - 3/4 in for 1/4 pound patties. Press flat onto wax paper and then freeze for approximately 30 minutes. (This prevents the patties from breaking apart when grilled)
  • Once frozen, cook patties at about 400 degrees on a griddle, george forman grill, or if necessary, pan fry them on high. They are thin, so they should cook quickly, about 2 minutes each will do. Sprinkle generously with premade burger seasonings, remove and top with 1 slice of Kraft American cheese.
  • Then open and place both crown and heel of burger bun on same griddle, allowing bun to toast and soak in burger flavor. Make sure that griddle is not wet enough to dampen bun! You want to allow bun to pick up residual burger flavors, without soaking or dampening. Toast for approximately 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove bun and seperate two pieces, crown and heel.
  • Crown: top with 5 small squirts of Heinz tomato ketchup, 5 squirts of yellow French's mustard, and then add your onions and pickle slices. (amounts will vary depending on tastes, I use just under 1 tsp onion and 3 pickle slices).
  • Heel: top generously with Mac Sauce before topping with patty and prepared crown.
  • "Big Mac Style:" If desired, this recipe can be used for larger 1/4 lb patties and/or layered "Big Mac" style. If this is desired, toast two buns per burger, discarding second crown on each. Top each heel with Mac sauce, burger patty, and 1 slice kraft american cheese, then stack one on top of the other. Prepare one crown as described above and then top burger with onions, pickle, toasted crown, and any additional desired ingredients (such as lettuce or tomato).
  • And presto! The ultimate Mcdonalds style cheeseburger! This recipe can be made very quickly with practice. Additionally, making sauce and patties in advance really speeds up the process. Your thoughts are always welcome and appreciated, enjoy!