The Real Cadillac Margarita

Recipe by Kamikazee
READY IN: 3mins


  • 2
    ounces premium 100% agave silver tequila (such as 1921, Don Julio, 1800)
  • 1
    ounce triple-sec orange-flavored liqueur
  • 1
    ounce freshly squeezed lime juice (about one lime)
  • 12
    1/2 ounce Grand Marnier or 1/2 ounce gran gala
  • ice


  • Pour a thin line of kosher salt on a plate. Rub lime slice around outside rim of martini glass to wet rim with lime juice. Turn martini glass sideways and roll the rim in the line of kosher salt.
  • Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add fresh lime juice, tequila, and triple sec. Shake very well.
  • Pour shaken mixture into the salt-rimmed martini glass, leaving all ice in the shaker.
  • Slowly pour the 1/2 ounce of Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or Gran Gala on top.
  • Garnish with lime slice on rim and lime peel twist/curl in drink.
  • Enjoy the purists' margarita. :).