The Potato Salad That Edith Gump and I Make

Recipe by Pot Scrubber
READY IN: 45mins




  • Put cold eggs into cold water and bring to a boil for about 15 minutes. Put into ice water and when thoroughly cold, they should peel easily. Do not try to peel warm eggs or the shells will stick!
  • Meanwhile, boil potatoes just until the crunch is gone and they are barely soft.
  • While potatoes and eggs are cooking combine remaining ingredients in a large bowl and whisk together (I find that the mixing bowl from my KitchenAid is perfect)!
  • Drain potatoes when done and after they have stopped steaming but still warm put into a large bowl with whisked ingredients. Fold together gently trying not to break up the potatoes. Since the potatoes are warm your sauce may appear to be a little runny. Fear not- Kitchen Warrior! They will thicken back up after cooling a bit. But pouring the mixture over WARM potatoes allows the sauce to be absorbed by the potatoes resulting in a much better flavor that usually only occurs the second day. And we all know that potato salad is better the second day, don't we Dears?.
  • At this point,coarsely chop the egg into the bowl. Leave really big chunks. I usually just hold it in my hand over the bowl. Halve it with a butter knife lengthwise, then cut it into fourths crosswise.
  • Gently fold the eggs in the salad and then turn into a covered 8x8 casserole. It just barely fits.
  • Refrigerate until chilled- the longer the better. After it has chilled thoroughly- correct the seasonings with more salt or pepper if needed. Don't try to do it when it is warm- let the flavors blend before doing anything else.
  • Edith takes these to church potlucks and she says that no matter how many potato salads there are this one goes first. I make these for Dugan's monthly poker party and riots ensue if this dish isn't chilled and ready upon their arrival.
  • Edith and I can't agree whether to sprinkle bacon crumbs or not over the top. Miserable sand-eating wench.


@Pot Scrubber
“Edith Gump has been a close friend of mine since kindergarten. She used to eat the dirt that I handed her in the sandbox and now her kids eat dirt, too. I guess that sort of thing runs in the genes. Anyway- Edith and I were given the same basic potato salad recipe in Home Economics in High School and together we have tweaked and rewritten this countless times. This is the result of our collaborations and many years of name calling and face scratching.”