The Miracle 1-Minute Garlic Peeling Trick

READY IN: 1min




  • Cut the bottom stem end off the head of garlic and separate the cloves.
  • Cut off the pointy tip ends of each clove and toss in a stainless or other metal pie pan.
  • Top with another pie pan of the same size, and hold them together. You can use stainless bowls as well but the pie pans are just easier to hold.
  • Shake the garlic for a little bit, then remove the top and pick out the peeled cloves. Occasionally there might be a stubborn one that needs a little more shaking, especially if it has a bruise so give it a look and see if it needs tossing in the garbage. Otherwise it just might like to shake itself longer.
  • Store the garlic in the refrigerator in a little container; you can immerse it in oil (kept in refrigerator) if you like but if you cook every day or so going through this garlic should not be a problem.
  • As for the lemon, rub it on your fingers and wash your hands with soap to get rid of that sticky stinky "you've been messin' with garlic" smell.