The Best Browned Beef Stew Ever

"I originally found this recipe at Recipe Goldmine but have added and subtracted after trial and error. The original recipe called for a 10 oz pkg of frozen peas to be added during the last 15 minutes of cooking. I usually add a little rosemary and cayenne. Can add the spices you wish. This is very good!"
The Best Browned Beef Stew Ever created by DeliciousAsItLooks
Ready In:
2hrs 40mins




  • Put flour, salt and pepper in a large ziploc bag.
  • Heat oil over medium heat in a large dutch oven.
  • Place meat in bag with the flour and shake until well coated.
  • Shake off meat pieces and add them to the oil and stir until slightly browned, Add remaining flour from the bag and the finely chopped onion.
  • Stir until well browned.
  • Add finely chopped carrot and next 4 ingredients.
  • Cover and cook over low heat for 1 1/2 hours (stirring every 15 minutes).
  • Add diced potatoes, carrots, and onions, cook for another 45 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

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  1. Regina W.
    This recipe was a great on a cold day. It was my first time making it for my family. The food was comforting and delicious. The recipe reminded me of my father and nana's beef stew. It brought back so many memories. This is my go-to recipe.
  2. carmellegiancola
    This is by far the best beef stew recipe I have ever tried. Even better than grandma's. I make it exactly as recipe but sometimes omit potatoes and serve with mashed. I have made it many times and it is now my go-to recipe.
  3. Bayfield_ca
    Excellent Thank you for this recipe. We will make this again and it is perfect for the snow that maybe in the next few days. Thank you again!!!!
  4. Lana M.
    I see a lot of the reviews added wine. I don’t drink wine so I never use it to cook with but I’d love to try to cook with wines, I just have no idea what kind to use because I’ve always heard you should cook with wines that you drink. How do I choose which wines to use?
  5. noricolecio53
    This was the best stew we’ve had since my Grandma’s “forever” recipe!! We loved it!! I did tweak it just a bit. I browned the diced, seasoned chuck steak first, not fully cooking it, about 20 minutes. I added some of the juices left from the meat, to the seasoned, browned flour. I sautéed the vegetables in the same pot as I browned the meat, added more garlic, a tablespoon of cumin, and then, 3 cups of water. I put the meat and veggie mixture into the floured pot. Let it cook for about an hour, on medium heat. If it looks as though there’s too much reduction, add a bit more water. There should be a thick consistency, soupy, like a slightly thickened broth. Even better the next day!! Thank you for the recipes you post. I love them and my family loves them as well!!



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