Thai Green Curry for the Crockpot

"The fresh lemon grass is the key ingredient in this dish. You can find it in sometimes with the fresh herbs or at a farmers' market. The meal just is lacking something if you use dried lemon grass or omit it. Oh.. do not consume the lemon grass. Think it as bay leaf."
photo by Ari H. photo by Ari H.
photo by Ari H.
photo by Ari H. photo by Ari H.
photo by Ari H. photo by Ari H.
Ready In:
8hrs 30mins




  • Mix the coconut milk and curry paste with a whisk.
  • add everything in the crock pot except for peas and cilantro.
  • Cook low 6 to 8 hours or high 3 to 4 hours.
  • Add cilantro and peas at the last 15 minutes.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Kate17
    What size crock pot is this recipe meant for? I use a 4-quart for my husband and myself, so I'm thinking maybe I should cut this recipe by half or a third.


  1. Ari H.
    This was one of the most enjoyable dishes I've made in a while. I would say opt for using Coconut milk over heavy cream any day. I also used a bit more fish sauce which I enjoyed. I used Red Boat Fish sauce for this one.
    • Review photo by Ari H.
  2. e_rybka1
    Yummy. Served over Jasmine rice. Two things i didn't like and maybe I did something wrong. 1. Red pepper skin came off. 2. Very watery. Overall, so good. Next time I will add jalapeño for a little kick.
  3. Anna in the Philipp
    I didn't have lemon grass but even without it this recipe was very good. Will definitely try to find lemon grass for next time!
  4. The Normans
    We gave this 5 stars as there is nothing we would change to make this any better. We served with rice to soak up the delicious liquid created. The only difference was we added some fresh sliced bok choy at the very end. Yum - thanks cavedweller. P.S. I also printed out your recipe for three other ladies I work with who enjoyed the aroma if not the food - I wasn't going to share :)


  1. Mike H.
    The only things I changed while making this is switching out green beans/peas for baby carrots, halved diagonally. I also separated the liquids after it was done cooking and added a roux to thicken it up like a gravy before adding it back to the chicken & veggies. This recipe was SO GOOD



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