Texas Roadhouse Green Beans (Copycat)

"We really like these green beans at TRH and after a little searching found this recipe. Recipe is courtesy of WTVR, Richmond, VA. When a friend of mine started working there, I asked if this is how they prepare their green beans and she shook her head yes, but said no with a smile. I have included both variations for this recipe; choose the one to your liking. Cook/simmer time is approximate."
Texas Roadhouse Green Beans (Copycat) created by lazyme
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  • Using a colander, thoroughly drain green beans. Set aside.
  • Mix water, sugar and pepper until well incorporated. Set aside.
  • Preheat your cooking pan to Medium High heat.
  • Raw Bacon Method.
  • Using a cutting board and a knife, dice the raw bacon into equal size pieces. Place diced bacon into preheated cooking pan. Continually stir bacon with large spoon to keep the bacon from burning.
  • Once bacon is cooked add the onions and cook until they are tender and light brown.
  • Diced, Cooked Ham Method.
  • Using a cutting board and a knife, dice the cooked ham into equal size pieces. Place the diced ham and onions into the preheated cooking pan.
  • Using the large spoon, continue to stir the ham and onions until the ham is lightly brown and the onions are tender.
  • Now that the onions are tender add the liquid mixture and the beans.
  • Using the rubber spatula stir the mixture until incorporated.
  • Bring mixture to a boil and turn heat to simmer. Serve beans as soon as you are ready.

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  1. Geneva R.
    Very yummy! I took someone's else advice and added a little liquid smoke and Montreal seasoning. I also substituted half the water for low sodium chicken broth. Taste just like texas roadhouse greenbeans
  2. beachgrammy814
    Can I use fresh green beans for the recipe?
  3. Vickibob H.
    can I download a recipe to my laptop?
  4. Lightly Toasted
    These were a huge hit for Sunday Dinner. Instead of sugar, I added a few drops of liquid stevia, and added extra green beans since we had a crowd. Even my non-green-bean-eating son in law commented on how good they were, which is impressive!
  5. Don A.
    Use canned green beans sautee bacon remove modt of the dripping render down a handful of onions until translucent. Then drop green beans in. Stir till coated with bacon grease. Add black pepper and some some garlic. Keep stirring. Simmer for a few minutes and use some liquid smoke about a tablespoon and a teaspoon of Montreal strakseasoning.. Simmer a few minutes and add the crumbled bacon you removed earlier. Let simmer 10-15 minutes and its ready to serve. You guys that are missing the bite or kick try the steak seasoning and liquid smoke. It really kicks it up.



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