Tequila Sunrise Surprise

"I've been enjoying having a liquor cupboard, maybe a little too much. Quite the little bartender I've become, mixing drinks that I'm familar with and evening just mixing with what we have. So here a little something I thought I should share."
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  • Mix serve over ice. The cherries get that nice orange flavor. You can buy Maraschino juice at the store. It's in the liquor aisle. Well at least we can in Cali. But definately at the liquor store next to the grenadine. If not just use that juice from the cherries!

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  1. This is a wonderful drink - so fruity and flavorful! Thanks for sharing!
  2. great concoction of a tequila sunrise! Im not much of a tequila lover, but this drink wasnt bad at all. To give it the sunrise effect I did add a touch of grenadine to my glass at the end, and also to sweeten it up a bit for my tastes. I liked the contrast of flavors and it was a nice way to spruce up the ordinary tequila sunrise.
  3. Very refreshing.Enjoyed it.
  4. Hey, its 5 o'clock somewhere, right? I hope so because I thoroughly enjoyed this on my way to the weekend. Tequila happens to be one of my favorite alcohols (why are so many people saying they don't like it? lol) and I just so happened to have a bottle sitting in my kitchen that a dear friend picked up for me in Mexico. This was the perfect way to use it!
  5. This was nice. I am not really a tequila person but I wanted to try this. I made it with freshly squeezed orange juice and it turned out really tasty. Merci tarteausucre...love that name! I made this for ZWT5. Rita


  1. This is very good, but needs a little more tequila (like double). I used Grenadine instead of the cherry juice. It's delicious, but I think adding a little more tequila (which I'm about to do) will give it a little more substance.



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