Tastiest Pork Tenderloin You Will Ever EAT!

"{L.T's} Garlic Stuffed Smokehouse Maple Pork Tenderloin"
photo by Delicate007 photo by Delicate007
photo by Delicate007
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photo by Lavell T. photo by Lavell T.
Ready In:
1hr 30mins
24 1/4 inch Slices




  • Wash Pork thoroughly under cold running water.
  • Pat dry with clean cloth or Paper towels.
  • Starting from top of Pork make 6-8 deep slivers along top of tenderloin towards center of Pork. You will stuff the garlic cloves in these slivers (Do not make cuts all the way down to bottom for Pork_.
  • Wash Garlic under warm water for easy peeling, and stuff the garlic in each Sliver cut you made. (You can make as many cuts as you like for stuffing).
  • Push ends of Pork together to conceal cuts.
  • Rub Olive oil on entire pork tenderloin top and bottom. This will seal pores in the meat to lock in juices, also helps for the seasonings to adhere to the meat.
  • Sprinkle Sea salt on Pork,Thyme and Sage on the Top and Sides of Pork (Set aside for now).
  • Cut Onions and bell-pepper in slivers (Not Diced) and lay on the bottom of Baking Dish (Glass Dish Preferably) Make a bed because you want to keep them directly under the meat. This is used for the juices that run off to collect in the dish to make a sauce if you prefer. I myself do not like let my meat touch the bottom of dish as this will make your pork cook to fast from the bottom resulting in overcooking the Pork. Pork cooks just a little slower then chicken. Just keep that thought in mind when allowing cooking time.
  • Place tenderloin in Dish on top of you onion and pepper bed.
  • Now Sprinkle peppercorn on top of meat. Cut carrots/Celery and place on all sides of Meat. (Or what ever Vegetables you Perfer).
  • Drizzle half the honey on top of the pork tenderloi,n the other half you will use when Pork is almost done or after its done your choice.
  • Now Generously sprinkle the McCormick Smokehouse Maple seasoning on top and sides of meat, you can cuff you hands as you sprinlke the sides to catch excess seasonings and pat the sides with the excess seasonings that fall. (Completely cover the top and sides of meat the more the better).
  • Sprinkle the rosemary on tip and sides as well.(If using fresh rosemary you can lay leafs on top if using day spread evenly on top and sides of meat).
  • Pour Chicken broth in the Dish from one of the corners of dish( Don't pour on top of Meat). Since the meat is on a bed of vegetables the broth will flow under the meat.
  • Cover the Dish with Aluminum foil foil (Shinny side up). Try to seal the edges of the dish by using your index finger and thumb and go around the rim of the dish.
  • Place in a 325 degree oven and bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil and drizzle the rest of the honey you used on top eariler and bake an additional 15-25 minutes with out foil on top for excellent browning.
  • Cut into 1/4 inch slices and add you favorite sauce on top of slices. I took the drippings from the meat and some maraschino cherry's/Cinnamon and some fresh mint and cornstarch and made a Glaze for the topping, If you want the sauce ingredients just let me know.
  • ENJOY!

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