Tartar Sauce

"I haven't purchased tartar sauce in many years. We do not like any hint of sweetness, preferring the combination of dill pickle, lemon, onion and Worcestershire to flavor the sauce. This will keep a long time in the refrigerator. Note to World Tour participants - this recipe is included in the British category. Similar sauce recipes (making the mayonnaise from scratch, of course) go back to Medieval times, and have been found in British books as early as 1685. It's also wonderful served with fish and chips, if you aren't very fond of malt vinegar."
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Ready In:
2 T




  • Mix all together in the food processor and pulse for about 10 seconds until finely chopped, but not smooth.
  • Best if refrigerated for an hour before use.
  • Note: Can be made without the food processor, using dill relish or finely minced pickle.
  • Lasts quite a while in the refrigerator.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Tom T.
    How long does it last in the fridge?


  1. Michelle S.
    Glad to hear someone abhors sweet relish in tartar sauce. I make it the exact same way, except I use a squirt of ketchup instead of the Worcestershire sauce, I will try it your way next time. Nothing beats homemade tartar sauce, the stuff in the jars does not compare!
  2. karencooks
    Excellent Tartar Sauce I make this often and had not reviewed in the past. I serve with fried razor clams and oysters. Last night I made Salmon Patties, this was perfect on the buns. I use fresh onion finely chopped or grated, and dried parsley. Thanks for posting PanNan I too will never purchase jarred Sauce again!
  3. Brian_mcco
    Excellent Tartar sauce, I only made one change to this. I used fresh yellow onion and used 2 tbsp. after sitting in the fridge all day it had a great flavor with my fish and chips. thank you for sharing!
  4. hollyberry117
    The flavor is fantastic! I think next time I will seed the pickle since it was a little thinner than I prefer. I also added a couple splashes of malt vinegar, a trick I learned from a British pub. I will definitely be making this again!!!
  5. l.cheryl
    I made this recipe a few nights ago to go with the Fish and Chips that I made. (The Beer Batter on this site - the one with the most reviews is the one I used). This tartar sauce was excellent and really tasted good with the battered fish. I halved the recipe for one person and used chopped dill pickle and fresh lemon juice. I will not buy tartar sauce in the store anymore - will make this recipe. I would recommend this recipe to anyone. Much tastier than store bought.


  1. Leona D.
    This recipe is amazing the best tartar sauce I ever had. I was out of parsley so I added a tablespoon of dried dill and one tablespoon of sugar. Everyone raved about it I will never buy tartar sauce again.
  2. Cinnamon F.
    1/2 teaspoon of dill and 1 teaspoon of sugar
  3. Anthony T.
    Changed onions for garlic powder
  4. meros
    I used Egg Replacement to make my dairy, sugar and egg free mayonnaise.
  5. Jen in Victoria
    This is great! I used sweet pickle relish instead of dill.



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