Vanilla Tapioca Pudding

Recipe by TommyGato
READY IN: 50mins




  • Soak tapioca in cold water overnight or for at least 3 hours.
  • Heat milk until it is steaming, not boiling.
  • Drain excess water from tapioca and add to the hot milk, stirring constantly and scraping the bottom with a wide flat utensil until it is steaming again--do not boil.
  • Immediately reduce heat to very low, lower than the setting for cooking white rice, just hot enough to see a few vapors.
  • Stir often the first few minutes then add the sugar and salt; and additional milk if needed.
  • Check and stir the bottom of the mixture about every 5 minutes and add milk as needed to maintain a consistency similar to oatmeal cooking.
  • Cook for about 45 minutes or until the tapioca pearls are translucent (no white specks in the center) and the mixture is sufficiently thickened.
  • (Notes: One may thicken the hot sweetened milk and tapioca in a double boiler although a heavy saucepan is fine if given careful attention--this pudding will scorch easily if you're distracted! Should problems appear, immediately transfer to another pan; avoid and discard anything caramel or brown colored).
  • When thickened and the pearls are translucent, stir in vanilla and transfer to a bowl or individual pudding cups.
  • Cover and chill--serve with whipped cream and cinnamon or fruit.
  • (Note: The pudding will thicken more as it chills).