Tandoori Chicken Satay Appetizers (Made Easy)

READY IN: 27mins
SERVES: 10-12




  • PLACE chicken tenderloins using tongs into a large Ziploc bag or a wide shallow dish for marinating. (NOTES: If thawing, thaw naturally and NOT by microwave oven. You may use whole boneless chicken breasts cut into chunks if kebab-style skewers are desired).
  • PLACE chicken pieces into a large Ziploc freezer bag for marinating.
  • SQUEEZE the bag to roll and coat chicken thoroughly in marinade; PLACE bag into refrigerator to marinate 3-5 hours to overnight if desired for fuller flavor and more tender chicken (recommended but not absolutely necessary); SOAK required wooden skewers in water until needed.
  • SHAKE away excess marinade from chicken; BRUSH chicken on all sides with vegetable oil or light olive oil.
  • PLACE oven rack within 6 inches of heat element; SET heat to HIGH setting.
  • SKEWER chicken lengthwise with water-soaked skewers up to 3/4 of the skewer, leaving the lower half empty so it has a "handle"; BRUSH chicken across tops with vegetable or olive oil BASTE; TURN chicken skewers over; BASTE the other side.
  • SPRAY the grill of a broiler pan with grill with non-stick cooking spray; PLACE chicken with skewer handles extending over broiler pan for easy handling when broiling, SLIDE broiler pan onto oven rack.
  • BROIL chicken until the edges begin to char slightly (keep a close eye on chicken since it cooks very quickly) TURN chicken within five minutes until lightly charred on edges but not overcooked; REMOVE from oven immediately, wearing oven mitts.
  • ARRANGE satays in a splay, with skewer handles facing outward, on a serving platter lined with fresh kale leaves; ACCOMPANY chicken satays with a sauce of plain yogurt blended with coriander-mint chutney (or yogurt with tempered creamy peanut butter and chili-garlic sauce) and/or lime wedges if desired.
  • SERVE and ENJOY!