Swiss Cheese Fondue (Kaesefondue)

Swiss Cheese Fondue (Kaesefondue) created by esteban

from the internet for ZW7

Ready In:


  • 2 lbs cheese (Gouda, Emmentaler or Gruyà Æ' re, or a mixture)
  • 4 cups dry white wine
  • 1 tablespoon fine flour
  • 1 tablespoon kirschwasser
  • lemon juice
  • freshly grated nutmeg
  • 1 -2 loaf ready-to-use baked pizza crust, fresh white French bread cut into cubes
  • mushroom, halved (optional)
  • raw vegetables, lightly steamed


  • Grate the cheese. Rub the fondue pot with the garlic clove. Warm 2 cups of wine in the pot and add the cheese, one handful at a time, stirring while it melts. Keep stirring or the cheese may clump.
  • Stir the flour into the Kirschwasser, then add it slowly to the pot. Even if the cheese is clumping a bit, this addition should help smooth it out. Add a little lemon juice (less than a tablespoon) and add pepper and freshly grated nutmeg to taste. Add more wine as necessary, to thin the fondue until it coats a piece of bread, but doesn’t take half the pot with it.
  • Take the fondue pot to the table and place in on its stand with a lighted Sterno can under it.
  • Eat the fondue by stabbing the bread cubes or vegetables with a fondue fork (a long handled, 2-prong, skinny fork with barbs so the bread doesn’t fall into the pot). Dip the bread into the cheese and swirl a bit to coat. Let it cool a few seconds before eating.
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"from the internet for ZW7"

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  1. esteban
    Swiss Cheese Fondue (Kaesefondue) Created by esteban
  2. esteban
    Swiss Cheese Fondue (Kaesefondue) Created by esteban
  3. esteban
    Swiss Cheese Fondue (Kaesefondue) Created by esteban
  4. Andi Longmeadow Farm
    What is there not to love? Bread and cheese...I could sit and eat all day...although, the cattle need to be fed, hay needs to be made, and the day ends, so I suppose I can't quite do that all day. So sad, because this is one lovely fondue! I hadn't had fondue since (well the 70's - vaguely remembering this) but I can't believe what I've been missing. Used Emmentaler cheese, and had some Kirschwasser at my father's house. A beautiful, sweet, cherry-type liquor. Put it in, with my homemade bread, and now you can see why I could sit and eat this all day. And now you know the rest of the story. Magnificent, pets!! Made for ZWT7
  5. Andi Longmeadow Farm
    Swiss Cheese Fondue (Kaesefondue) Created by Andi Longmeadow Farm

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