Sweet Gingered Prawn Rolls

Recipe by kolibri
READY IN: 3hrs 25mins
YIELD: 17 rolls




  • Shell and devein prawns, and chop them roughly. Combine prawns, ginger, garlic and your sweet stuff in a large shallow bowl, and refrigerate at least three hours, or until you need them.
  • Heat oiled pan, and cook the prawns until they're just right - remember, cooking prawns too long will make them rubbery. Take them off the pan while keeping all the liquid they might have left behind in the pan. Place the chili sauce and the chicken stock to the pan, and let simmer until it thickens. Pour over the prawns.
  • Take one sheet of rice paper and put it in a large bowl of warm water until it's soft. Take the paper out from water and place on a board, pat dry with a towel or paper. Place some baby spinach and coriander leaves in the middle of the paper, add prawn mixture to the top. Fold in top and bottom, roll from side to enclose the filling. Repeat until all prawn mixture is used - I made about 17 rolls (but it's of course dependent on the size of the rice paper).
  • Once you let the rolls sit for couple of minutes they should be firm enough to eat with your fingers, serve with rice or dip in soy sauce.