Super Jerky Dog/Cat/Ferret Treats

READY IN: 8hrs 30mins




  • Grind up ingredients using a meat grinder. (the meat market may do this for you if you don't have one).
  • Add the tuna to the grinder, or grind up in a food processor.
  • Mix thoroughly and fill a piping bag (no tip). Don't worry -- it will look more appealing to the furry friends than it will to you!
  • You can also fill a ziploc bag 1/2 full, and cut the corner.
  • Pipe the mixture onto a lined dehydrator tray in a spiral. If you don't have a special tray liner, then do what I do. Place a clean trash bag over the tray. After the food is applied, cut away the extra (don't forget the center circle).
  • Find a nice safe place away from critters, but preferrably out of the house (we use the garage, or right outside the kitchen window on a high table to keep an eye on it).
  • On the highest heat setting, dry until the top is dry to the touch. Peel off the plastic, and turn over (the plastic is no longer needed). Dry until it feels like jerky. You're safer to go a little too long than under dry. Allow to cool before making your final decision if it is dry.
  • Cut into jerky pieces using kitchen scissors.
  • Keep out a small baggie full, and store in the fridge.
  • Spread the remaining out on cookie sheets. Freeze. Then, place in freezer bags for long term storage.
  • **More ideas**.
  • Add any of the following meats in fun combination:
  • Cow or pork kidneys.
  • Pork liver.
  • Gizzards.
  • Ground chicken bones (available online).
  • Fresh fish such as salmon (COOK FIRST).
  • Fresh plain yogurt for cats (dehydrates beautifully).
  • The canned tuna adds just a little bit of salt. If you use more canned fish, watch the salt content, and don't add too much.