Sugar Free Freezer Strawberry Jam

"I have been searching everywhere for a good sugar free strawberry jam recipe...I finally found one...this turned out perfect...You cannot tell the difference. Where it says sugar, I mean Splenda."
photo by CIndytc photo by CIndytc
photo by CIndytc
Ready In:
5 containers




  • Clean and slice up strawberries. Crush. In a big bowl mix splenda and pectin together. Add crushed strawberries. Stir well for 3 minutes. Put into freezer containers leaving 1/2 inch from the top. Let sit 30 minutes. Put on top. Refrigerate or freeze. Enjoy.

Questions & Replies

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  1. deannarayem
    Can I substitute Raspberries for Strawberries and use the same ingredient quantities?
  2. Robin P.
    If pectin is a type of fiber why is there no fiber content in, “realfruit classic pectin?”


  1. DrGaellon
    The previous reviewer is incorrect. The nutrition information is correct; the serving size is ENORMOUS. It actually makes about 30 servings (2 tbsp each), not 5; each has about 35 calories and 7.5gm sugar, roughly (due to the natural sugars in the fruit).
  2. rhonda statler
    I took the tip from another reviewer and used 2 boxes of low or no sugar Sure Jel and had excellent results! I have been making sugarfree jam for my diabetic husband for many years. After Ball quit making the pectin I always used as and discontinued the recipe, I was forced to go digging for a new one. I used Splenda in this recipe, along with the 2 boxes of Sure Jel. By far the best sugarfree jam I have ever made! I may try a batch with Stevie to see how that works.
  3. stacylu
    This was great - I doubled with 2 boxes of Low Sugar Sure Jel and next time I will add less Splenda because I think it was pretty sweet. It set up well and my kids love it.
  4. 986555
    I made this and as someone said to use 2 boxes of the sugar free or low sugar sure-jel and mine was like gummy bears. I measured out the amount of strawberries and used Splenda, so I don't know why mine turned out too stiff
  5. Bucinka
    I made this recipe last year and it did not set up. I suspect the quantity of pectin is incorrect. A quarter of an ounce, weighed on a scale, is nearly nothing. (I used Ball RealFruit Pectin, a product intended specifically for sugar-free recipes.)<br/><br/>I will give it more than the minimum number of stars for good fresh taste, though.



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