Glossy Sugar Cookie Icing

"Glossy, delicious, perfect icing for those professional looking cookies that you LOVE to bake. You will be so happy to have found this easy recipe! Yum. (Oooops, repeat recipe- but still so good!)"
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photo by partysweets
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Ready In:
24 cookies




  • Combine all ingredients into a bowl.
  • Mix well and divide frosting into random bowls determined by the number of frosting colors of choice.
  • Add food coloring, mix and drizzle onto cookies. Use back of spoon to spread. Allow 30 minutes for icing to dry before adding/layering colors. Icing should be dry within 90 minutes- depending on climate.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Cynthia Artienda P.
    How to make icing for cakes pleasw?


  1. Najla M.
    Question. Is this the icing you used to decorate the gingerbread cookies at the top of your page?
  2. partysweets
    This is great cookie icing and really easy for my 2 year old to help with, we had a lot of funa nd it tastes great. Thanks!
  3. carwashgirl
    I first used this icing recipe for cut out cookies at Halloween (different dough than this recipe) and I LOVED the way this icing spread onto the cookies. Used the icing again for Christmas cut-outs. Great icing recipe and will use it exclusively! Thanks!
  4. TexasKelly
    I just used this tonight, I had a small batch of cookies, about 20, that I wanted to ice with a white icing and then put sprinkles on top, so I halved the recipe. I am not much of a decorator, but I just wanted the sprinkles to have something to stick to. The whole thing went together very easily. I did have to add a tad more milk to make it spreadable, and I had a bit of icing left over, probably enough for 10 cookies. Mine were small, so maybe larger cookies would have used up more of it. I would definitely use this again. I could see how it would work well if you used food coloring and piped the icing onto the cookie. Thanks for posting the recipe.
  5. pumpkinpie
    This worked well for my gingerbread cookies. I was looking for a recipe, where I had the ingredients on hand & that didn't require raw egg whites & this was perfect!


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