Stroopwafels (2) no yeast required

"I haven't made these (no wafer iron) but have tasted them, made by two dutch family friends in a contest to see who's were best. Can't remember who thought they'd won, but both were yummy. Don't know where they got their recipies, but they are from their family cookbooks I think."
photo by kristinemmaher photo by kristinemmaher
photo by kristinemmaher
Ready In:
30-40 wafels




  • Knead all the wafter ingredients together and make into little balls.
  • Place balls into wafer iron and bake for about 30 seconds.
  • Put onto a board and cut in half so that you get two wafers.
  • Note: if the wafers are baked too long you won't be able to seperate them, but take care not to under-cook them either.
  • Put all the syrup ingredients into a cooking pan and mix until you get a substance that can be spread.
  • Don't make it too thin or it will run out of the wafers.
  • When filling the wafers keep stirring and to keep it smooth you can keep the pot on a (candle lit) teapot warmer.
  • Put the syrup between the wafers.
  • It's possible to store these in the freezer.

Questions & Replies

  1. Love these since husband brought them back home from a trip the vanilla and the Carmel vanilla are better than the chocolate which is just adding cocoa to the mix. But I have 1 ? The real ones have: cinnamon but the important? Is they also contain Real Burbon Vanilla.... has anyone added this? Bc I think that’s what gives it the extra aftertaste that is so good and has u come back for more. Lol and also I live in rural area is there anywhere to buy the Vanilla Pods; is what package ingredients call them bc I really like the original thin. Never heard of a waffle maker that makes these if so can u answer where to get one and exactly the name. I don’t like the regular waffle iron. Just in case I can’t find the “vanilla pods” as they say..... by the way chocolate isn’t as good and unless u really ad extra your just missing out on the great taste of the Vanilla! Thank anyone who can help. Here is back of label for ingredients of chocolate-carmal
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