Strawberry Pie With Cream Cheese

Recipe by Muddyboots
READY IN: 35mins
SERVES: 8-10




  • You will need one 9 -inch baked pie shell.
  • Wash, drain and hull strawberries. Beat cream cheese with a fork. Spread cream cheese over the bottom of the baked pie shell, I found if the shell was a little warm it spread nicely. Divide strawberries and put 1/2 onto cream cheese covered pie shell. The recipe called for placing strawberries whole but I quartered mine. Mash remaining strawberries and measure to make 1 1/2 cups if not add water to make that amount. In saucepan mix granulated sugar, with cornstarch gradually add mashed strawberries and lemon juice cook medium heat until thickened -5 to 7 minutes. Remove heat and cool. When cool pour over strawberries in pie shell . Whip cream with confectioners sugar until holds shape and spoon over cooled pie.
  • I made this pie for my husband with Splenda and got the same results so this would make a good sugar-free dessert.