Strawberry Cream Trifle

"This recipe is from Pampered Chef. It is sooo good! And so easy to throw together! You can use vanilla or white chocolate pudding and pie filling instead of the cheesecake flavoring."
Strawberry Cream Trifle created by Marz7215
Ready In:
1 trifle




  • Coarsely chop almonds. Cut pound cake into 1 inch cubes; set aside.
  • Set aside one strawberry for garnish. Hull remaining strawberries and cut into quarters. In a small bowl combine fresh and frozen strawberries, mix well.
  • Juice lemon to measure 2 tablespoons. Place in a large bowl and whisk in yogurt and pudding mix until smooth. Put half of the cool whip container in bowl and fold mixture inches Reserve the other half of the cool whip.
  • To assemble trifle: place one third of the pound cake into bottom of a trifle bowl. Top pound cake with one-third of strawberry mixture. Top with half the yogurt mixture, spreading evenly. Sprinkle with one third of toasted almonds. Repeat layers one more time. Top with remaining pound cake cubes and remaining strawberries.
  • To garnish, spread reserved cool whip topping over top of trifle, forming a flat surface. Sprinkle remaining almonds over cool whip. You can then sprinkle with powdered sugar and create a strawberry "fan" with reserved strawberry. To do this just use an egg slicer and place strawberry, stem down in the slicer. Slice most of the way down through the wires. Remove the strawberry from the wires and gently fan out the slices.

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  1. Careasa79
    really good if you use white chocolate pudding mix, and just use frozen strawberries, if strawberries aren't in season
  2. loveyourdog18
    This recipe is awesome. First saw it at a Pampered Chef party and decided to try it. I made it for a church dinner and everyone LOVED it.Easy to make and DELICIOUS.
  3. nikicham
    I changed this up a bit, but WOW.. It was a crowd pleaser at Sunday dinner! I omitted the frozen sliced strawberries and stuck with all fresh, light whipped topping and used the light and fit strawberry yogurt to cut down on calories. I tried it this past week with a chocolate pudding, and that was equally satisfying. Thanks for posting.
  4. Marz7215
    Strawberry Cream Trifle Created by Marz7215
  5. Marz7215
    Strawberry Cream Trifle Created by Marz7215



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