Stir-Fried Lobster With Ginger and Spring Onions

Recipe by ImPat
READY IN: 25mins


  • 1
    lobster (raw, crayfish)
  • peanut oil (3 cups for frying- obviously all won't be used and will upset nutritional panel scores)
  • 20
    g ginger (cut into thick slices)
  • 15
    g spring onions (scallions cut into 5cm slices, white portion only)
  • 14
    teaspoon salt
  • 14
    teaspoon pepper
  • 12
    teaspoon sugar
  • 2
    teaspoons rice wine
  • 12
    teaspoon light soy sauce
  • 1
    cup chicken stock
  • Marinade
  • 1
    tablespoon egg white (lightly beaten)
  • 1
    pinch salt
  • 1
    pinch pepper
  • 1
    teaspoon cornflour (cornstarch mixed in a little cold water or stock)
  • 1
    tablespoon cornflour (cornstarch mixed with a little water for thickening at the end)


  • Mix the marinade ingreditents together.
  • Remove the meat from the tail and cut into bite size pieces and mix with the marinade for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Heat the peanut oil in a hot wok until the oil is smoking and then reduce to a medium heat.
  • Add the lobster pieces to the oil and cook for 1 minute and then remove with a slotted spoon, drain and put to one side.
  • Drain and reserve the oil from the wok, and wipe the wok clean.
  • Put 2 tablespoons of the oil back in the wok and heat and then fry the ginger and spring onions for 30 seconds.
  • Return the lobster to the wok and stir fry over a high heat for a few seconds and then add the salt, pepper, sugar, soy and wine and continue to stir fry quickly.
  • Add the chicken stock, cover the wok with a lid and simmer for 1 minute.
  • Stir in the cornflour slurry a little at a time until and thicken and the lobster is glazed to you liking.
  • Serve immediately (would suggest over rice).