Stewed Chicken Taco Meat

Stewed Chicken Taco Meat created by Chef floWer

This meat is delicious and kind of like what's served in the soft chicken tacos at Taco Cabana

Ready In:
6hrs 5mins



  • Put all ingredients except cheese in crockpot and cook on low for 6 hours.
  • Use two forks to shred the chicken into chunks.
  • Add cheese and stir.
  • Serve immediately in tacos or use as a filling for enchiladas.
  • You can also use chicken breasts, but it turns out drier and not as tasty.
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"This meat is delicious and kind of like what's served in the soft chicken tacos at Taco Cabana"

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  1. lleebailey
    Very good! There is a lot of liquid remaining, so next time, I'll try to drain it a little more, before serving. I also thought a little salt was needed, even though I didn't use reduced-sodium taco seasoning. We did not add cheese to the mixture itself, but topped the tacos with it, as is typical. Will definitely make again! Thanks for sharing!
  2. RSL5709
    We were really not wowed by this - it seemed a little on the greasy side to us and I was the only one who ate the leftovers. It seems most people have really enjoyed it so that must just be personal preference. Made for Spring '12 PAC.
  3. camfan54
    Great! My fiance doesn't care for chicken and bit into his first taco and said 'oh, yeah'. He are them for the next 3 meals. Plan on making this a regular in our house. I did 1lb breasts and 1lb thighs with 1/2 cup 2% cheese. That made about 20 tacos worth at 2 Weight Watchers Points Plus per taco serving! It was about a 1/4a cup of meat too!
  4. yumyumum
    Thank you for sharing! I made this last night for our NYE taco was a big hit!
  5. LonghornMama
    Wonderful and so easy! I used 3 pounds of frozen chicken thighs, cooked in the crockpot, and shredded. Lots of liquid, I served with a slotted spoon so we could drain some off before filling tortillas. Flavor was delicious! Froze the leftovers and look forward to chicken enchiladas in my future. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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